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Some reasons this is my favorite time of year....

...in pictures!


Emily said...

Hooray for the most wonderful season of all {says I}...and beautiful pictures to document the beginnings of it!

Happy Fall!

Love ya loads!

Becky said...

I rarely comment but always read! I love it! We did a square foot garden this year for the first time. Some things did GREAT! Others didn't. We had a lot more pests: squash bugs (which were the WORST!), vine borers, cutworms, aphids, RABBITS!, etc. If you have any organic remedies for these annoying pests, please SHARE! :) Because I want a garden just like yours when I grow up. :) Thanks for your inspiration!

Tammie said...

Becky: I'm still learning but we have learned a few things through the years. We have always had problems with squash bugs. This year we tried putting Diatomaceous Earth at the first sign of them. It didn't totally get rid of them but helped lots! Prevention and healthy environment is you best bet against invaders and lots of good bugs.

Good soil is key! Just like with our bodies the healthier we are the less we are susceptible to "bugs!" ;) The healthier a plant and environment of the plant the less susceptible they are to bugs!

Also plenty of tending at first really helps. Watching for the first signs of bugs, eggs, etc. I found that if you turn leaves over you can take care of aphid eggs by just rubbing them off. (I haven't seen any aphid this year!) My cabbage showed signs of worms I sprayed the eggs off of them with water and again lightly sprinkled them with Diatomaceous Earth it seemed to take care of them. Same with the tomatoes. We put a little sticky fly trap (that looked like a bird house) in our apple tree that had bait in it that attracted them to it. The flys lay larva in the apple blossoms and then you get worms we took care of the flys and we haven't had a single worm. So simple! Fences are the best thing to keep rabbits out.

Also some other preventative things are that all my fruit trees have garlic planted around the base of them. We also planted onions around the borders of our beds. I think this helped with bugs a lot! We use Nolo bait in the Spring for Grasshoppers and I have also heard that planting marigolds around in the garden helps too.

That's about it, part of gardening is having some bugs just like with weeds. ;) But practicing prevention and keeping a eye on young plants seems to help lots!

Mom and Grandma O. said...

I love your pictures. Fun times, amazing harvest, fantastic people! I love you all so much! Mom