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Gingered Carrots with Honey

This "recipe" came from my Brother-in-law who I think would make a wonderful gardener and chef at the cafe I sometimes dream of having! ;)

Gingered Carrots with Honey
Fresh whole carrots, scrubbed and sliced (don't bother peeling)
Ginger, to taste fresh or powdered (remember ginger is strong start with less add more if you want)
Real Salt, to taste
Olive Oil

In steamer, steam ginger and carrots until just tender.  Drizzle with a little olive oil and honey sprinkle with salt.  ENJOY!


Emily said...

Mmmmmm! I always ask Bryan to make these...especially when we have loads of garden fresh carrots! It is delicious every time!

Maybe you could think of something that I could do at your cafe while Bryan is gardening and cooking up a storm?! Like...I could stand out front dressed like a giant green smoothie and beckon folks to come have a taste?! ;)

I miss you so!

Cassie said...

Hi Tammie,
This recipe looks very yummy, thank you! Also I am wondering where you get your cashews? They are so pricey! I want to make your cheezy sauce more often but I think I will break the bank if I do! I think the price on cashews just went up at my health food store. Any help would be appreciated.
One more thing...what do you serve as a Christmas Tradition for breakfast? I am looking for something yummy that I wouldn't make just everyday.
Your wonderful Tammie! Thanks in advance!

Tammie said...

Cassie: I usually get my cashews from azure. They have gone way up though just like everything else. I have wondered about doing the cheezy sauce part sunflower seeds part cashews. It wouldn't be quite as creamy but with a few cashews should still be pretty good.

We don't really have a Christmas breakfast tradition we are still full from dinner the night before. ;) I usually just have some muffins and juice out sometimes we splurge and get good ingredient cereal from the health food store. The kids think that is fun. I did try a breakfast casserole once but like I said we were so full from dinner and had so many left overs that it was just more food at that point.