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Home and Garden Available

Update:  Sold in 10 days in a down market for full asking price.

Hope you don't mind but this is way off subject, this is more of a personal post.

Many of you may not know but we recently moved.  It was a surprise move that we found out about just over 2 months ago.  Ry's work needed him back home and we felt like it was kind of a now or never time to be back closer to family.  We loved where we were and we will so miss our neighbors, it's the pretty much the only home our kids remember.....by far the hardest move we have ever made but things seem to be working out.

Now you know why I haven't had many new posts or recipes lately.  Don't worry those will be back soon although it might be sporadic for a while since we are in transition.  Right now my biggest focus is to have our home in Eagle Mountain taken care of. After trying to have a property manager rent it and finding he didn't have our best interests at heart before we even had renters..... we decided it wasn't worth the hassle and have fired our property manager and decided to sell.

It's a great home, especially for those who want to live a bit away but still like the city.  It's in a nice quiet but central location, walking distance to the main area of the Ranches in Eagle Mountain including churches, parks, and schools.  And with lots of years of hard work it has a EXCELLENT Garden (both herb and vegetable) and fruit trees that have started to produce.  We always seem to move just as we have things the way we like it.  Remember my Garden Posts from this summer?  If not one is here and another is here.  The house is also wonderful and we had just finished final shelves and things for optimal organization.  My kitchen was awesome, super practical with the ability to make tons of healthy food in!  I loved it and would love someone else to love it too!  If you are interested contact these ladies.  I would love my home and garden to become a home of someone who could love and appreciate as much as we have! 

Just a few more things about the house.
  • It's a 4 bedroom 3 and 1/2 bath
  • 3 Bedrooms upstairs with a loft that I used for a office
  • Laundry/Bathroom another bedroom a family room with fireplace and cold storage/utility room in the basement
  • The main has a large living room with ceiling open to the top floor, the kitchen, dining,  half bath and entry.


Anonymous said...

What a cute house! Two questions, how much r u wanting for rent? I have family I could pass it on too. And two, could u ever share your ideas and tips of how u organized everything and created a practical kitchen? I would love to hear about them!

Emily D.

Tammie said...

Emily: $1,150 a month for rent. I love your post idea how I organize to create a practical functional kitchen would be a fun post to right. I will start working on that!

David and Candice said...

Hi is your house still for rent? we live out in Eagle Mountain in the city center but we need a house that has 4 bed right now we have a house with only 3 bedrooms. I would love to see your house i love all your recipes!!!

Tammie said...

David and Candice: We are actually selling our home now. I found a listing for it at http://www.homes.com/listing/157709580/7856_Windhover_Rd_EAGLE_MOUNTAIN_UT_84005

if you want to look at pictures. Wendy Komoroski of the Wendy K team is the realtor if you would like to go take a look at it.