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Curry Dip

If you have Book 3 you may have already tried this recipe.  Since this is one of Ryan's most very favorite dips and I have made it often over the years, I thought I would share it here too.  We love it to dip all sorts of raw veggies in.  Our favorite though it Jicama!  The perfect addition to any vegetable tray!

Easy Curry Dip
Curry Powder (I use the mild kind for this it isn't spicy)

Just mix curry powder in with the Vegenaise.  That's it!  Don't be afraid to put plenty of curry powder in,  when you think you have a lot......add more! ;)  Stir well;  makes a great dip for carrot sticks, celery, snap peas, bell peppers, zucchini, onion, jicama, etc.  Also is a good spread on sandwiches and other things.

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