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My Weekly Meal Plan

So I realized that I have pretty much been in survival mode since all our moving.............that has been just over 2 years now! I think my adrenals took a beating and haven't been very happy with me. I have been trying to be nicer to them and they seem to be slowing responding.

I'm not sure why it has taken me so long to decide survival mode is NOT the place I like or ever want to be in. I have tried to be patient with myself and give me time to bounce back......but I don't think I quite understood the spiral I had already started down before the move ever happened. (I will share more about that later.)

Right now though I have decided it's time to THRIVE again not just survive. And I decided the first thing I need to focus on to start thriving and being more intentional is to go through and purge my house. Obviously we did a really big purge during the moving process but I used to purge about every six months and I really haven't done much purging since we moved here.
So I'd say it's high time! I read Clutter's Last Stand years ago....I should probably pull it out again. I know that I can't truly thrive with a lot of clutter using up my energy, time and brain space.....causing me to be constantly overwhelmed.

So what's my plan? Well since I'm running in survival mode and already overwhelmed I am taking the very simple approach. Last week I cleaned out and purged my herb cupboard. Today I cleaned and purged the Laundry Room. Tomorrow I'm going to start on my office closet then the office that will probably take me the rest of the week.

Tell Your Time

Then I will start planning what to tackle next....hopefully that will start to inspire the kids and I can get them in on the game plan. Since life won't stop for me to purge my home I only plan to spend 30 minutes to an hour a day on this project. It will take a while doing it that way and I'm usually one that wants to dive into a big project and just work on it until it's finished.

BUT if I'm truly honest with myself right now I know that jumping in over my head will send me quickly spiraling down again and my adrenals will start yelling and I will become nearly paralyzed with overwhelm......and that will not be good for anyone.

 clean enough 3d book cropped
Here is a list of books that I'm reading or have read to help keep me motivated.

Tell Your Time
Clean Enough
One Bite at a Time
Getting it Together
21 Days to a More Disciplined Life
The Unwired Mom
Simple Living 

So what does all this have to do with menu planning?

Well not a whole lot except that everything including fixing meals is harder and takes longer when the clutter is trying to take over. That and as usual the plan is nice and simple this week as it is every week!

My Weekly Meal Plan

Indian Tacos

Mushroom Stroganoff

Smothered Chimmichungas

Minestrone Soup

Sweet Potato and Mango Tacos (pictured above)


Crock Pot Lasagna

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