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Healthify it Tammie.....Pinterest Board!

So a lot of times when I'm on Pinterest or looking for a recipe I come across some amazing looking food that I would love to try. My little sister likes to call this "food porn" you have to know my sister. ;)

Many times the ingredients in the recipe don't exactly fit our Simple Healthy Lifestyle. So I bookmark it and think, "Hey I'll come back to it and healthify it one of these first days." Well if you saw how cluttered and disorganized my bookmarks are (not too mention the shear number of them ;) you would know that I have a better chance of happening across it again and remembering to work on it then I do ever finding it among my bookmarks.

Why I bother to bookmark anything is beyond me. I haven't wanted to use pinterest to pin these recipes onto a pinterest board because 1) I didn't want you to think I was pinning these recipes to make for my family.....I live by the mantra example is the best teacher and although I'm far from perfect I didn't want to come across as a poor example, especially when we weren't even eating that stuff. ;) and 2) I didn't want to add to the much temptation that you see on your pinterest feeds.

I have debated about a secret board but then I came up with this really fun solution! I have created a Healthify it Tammie pinterest board. When I come across something that I think would be so fun to healthify I'll pin it there where it will be safe and where I will easily be reminded about the things I wanted to make healthy.

The Healthify it Tammie Pinterest Board

Also.....and here's the fun part: When you come across something that you would like to make but wish it was healthier you can tag me just by adding a comment to the pin with @SimpleHealthy Tammie and then I'll pin it to the board.

All the recipes that I want to try to healthify will be easy for me to find and then if I am able to perfect them I will post about it and then either pin the post on that same board or maybe create another one I haven't decided yet. We'll see how it goes.

In the mean time be sure to follow The Healthify it Tammie board and/or all my boards at http://www.pinterest.com/simplehealthy/

In other fun announcements:

There is another ultimate bundle ready to launch in 2 weeks that my newest ebook My Simple Health Life will be in along with more than 80 others. It will be a homemaking bundle this time and it is AWESOME so get ready for that......there will be more details soon.

Also one of my favorite books from the healthy living bundle is on sale now through the 13th. Get 25% off by using coupon code CRUMBS25!

High Protein, No Powder:  Protein Bars and Smoothies Made with Real Food

And last of all even if you missed the first 2 days of the Mom Conference be sure to catch today. It looks like there are lots of healthy type presentations that I'm going to be sure to catch.

I hope you are having a fabulous week!


Emily said...

Do you remember, back in the day, when mom used to keep her health food magazines on the back of the toilet? The magazines would always have a Healthy Treat vs. Food Porn on the back cover. That's where that lit'l word usage came from. I must admit I looked through those magazines WAY more than I looked through my high school text books…

I like you! A lot!

Tammie said...

Em: I remember the health magazines but I didn't remember it saying food porn....I never knew! ;)