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Coconut Berry-Caramel Ice Cream

So I came up with this soft serve coconut ice cream that you don't need to have an ice cream maker for! (You will need a blender.) Oh boy it's super yummy....especially when you add berry syrup and caramel sauce and some chopped nuts......and anything else you think would be good.

I'm sharing this recipe as a guest post over at Live Simply. Also you will read a little story of me back in the day of my soft serve frozen yogurt cravings.

So go check it out and while your there look at some of the other great recipes she has. And oh those photos! I wish I could take food photos like that..... actually scratch that I wish I had someone like Kristin to take photos of my food for me. ;)

I'm the type of person that really can appreciate a well done photo because I know it isn't a matter of simply point and shoot. I keep trying but mostly it's not something I really enjoy or that I'm very good at.

I do love spending time over at Live Simply just looking at her amazing pictures. Not to mention any of the recipes of hers I have tried have always been way good!

Hop on over there and give this recipe a try then let me know what you think.

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