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My Weekly Meal Plan

This week has been very full! In the midst of what has been known as "Bundle Week" I have also had plenty of harvest to put up, preserve and EAT! ;) I made more Salsa and Pickles this week, Pear Sauce, Pear Butter and Dried Pears. Barley Soup, more salsa, probably some spaghetti sauce and more stuff with pears is on the to do list this week! It's such a wonderful time of year I just love it!

Since this is the VERY LAST DAY and your last chance to be able to get this super fabulous Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle  
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I'm going to take one more time to recap some more of what I am and will enjoy learning from that's included! To make it simple (since there are so many and it could get long) I have picked my top 10 favorites. In no particular order. ;)

1. The whole eCourses section!

I tend to be a more visual, auditory, hands on type learner and although I love, love, love reading.....when I want to go deeper I enjoy having someone walk me through things by telling and showing me. I have already been through the making herbs simple course and can't wait to do the essential oils course.....yep you read that right and ESSENTIAL OILS course that costs $95 on it's own but comes with the bundle for less than $30 for everything. No brainier I know!


2. The Eczema Cure
I mentioned this earlier this week that although my family personally has not had to deal with Eczema I know and have known a lot of people who do. I get asked a lot what I would do for it. I have always felt that I have never had enough info to share with them about it. This book alone costs nearly the price of the bundle. ($29.95)

3. The Bonus Offers
I'm not one that usually gets excited about extra freebies.....most of the time I feel like the price of shipping doesn't really make it cost effective and not really worth it to me. Most of the time there are one or two I will redeem and of course I always sign up for the online/digital products that have no shipping. But this time I have redeemed EVERY SINGLE ONE of these offers! All of the shipping was very reasonable and all had things I was interested in or have been wanting an needing. It's awesome check out the bonus offers!


4.  Natural Soap Making
I love the idea of making my own soap and have for years now! Honestly though I have never actually made my very own batch of soap. It just hasn't made it to the top of the to do list yet but one day I will be a soap maker because I know I will just love it and the recipes in this book will be my first resource. Jan is so creative with the types of soaps and of course I love that she uses healing herbs in them too!

5. GNOWFGLINS Membership discount.....A HUGE DISCOUNT!
This actually isn't part of the bundle.....and it hasn't been talked a lot about. But some of you may have seen it when you where purchasing your bundle. It's an optional add on for free videos and a full membership to GNOWFGLINS. I have been a member for a long time now and last year I signed up as a full member and have been taking the courses and I am learning so much. I'm signing up again this year because there are still lots of courses I haven't been through and Wardeh adds more all the time. Also she is giving away all her past thank you videos which are some of my favorites. It all retails for more than $800 but if you choose this add on it is less than 100 bucks.


6. Essential Oils & Natural Health eCourse
Okay I know I already mentioned this as part of number one when I talked about all the eCourses being offered. I'm just really excited to deepen my knowledge of essential oils. It's $95 retail but this one IS INCLUDED as part of your bundle purchase!!!!


7. Crazy for Kale
I love all the health benefits of kale and have just begun to realize all the other ways I can use it besides smoothies and kale chips. I have started cooking with it more and I'm thrilled to have many more ideas and recipes that include kale! It grows all summer here and well into the winter here so it's a good one to know how to use!

8. Gardening & Homesteading Section
I told you the other day about my secret dream I have just about finished Natural Homestead and have been eying the others. Can't wait to dig deeper. My Mom and Grandma were both farm girls.....maybe its just in my blood. ;)


9. The Granola Book
I have also mentioned how much we like to make and EAT granola around here you know I'm all for simple but when it comes to variety of food and flavors one really can't have too many recipes! We have our current favorites for a while then we are ready to experiment and try something new.

10. Smoothies, Smoothies, Smoothies
I explained the other day why I love to drink and recommend other drink smoothies on a regular basis. I think you are going to enjoy the variety of smoothie recipes that are in the bundle not to mention all the tips and ideas for making your own great smoothie recipes!

11. Special Diets Section
Okay Okay I know I said top 10 but as I'm still digging into This Healthy Living Library I find more and more that I want to read or at least peruse. Our family has been very blessed not to deal with lots of allergies at least to foods and I'm so thankful for that but I do know so many people and it seems more and more all the time who are dealing with some serious food intolerance's and allergies I want to learn and understand more about that and maybe be able to contribute some healthy tasty recipes for those with bad allergies to enjoy too. And also learn about hope, help and healing.

I know there are other gems in here too that I haven't even got to but hopefully you can see that it truly is a spectacular deal and I hope you know I wouldn't recommend anything that I wouldn't love and use myself. I have a winter of busy studies ahead of me and well......since I can't garden here during the winter I couldn't be more thrilled.

Again I really don't want you to miss out because this group of eBooks, eCourses, freebies etc. wont be available like this ever again.  

IT ALL ENDS TONIGHT AT 11:59 pm! Be sure not to miss out.

This sale is now over if you would like to be notified of future sales that are similar click here subscribe to the newsletter.

And don't forget to contact me after your purchases so I can send you my personal thank you bonuses! More about that here.

Alrightythen how about this weeks meal plan! ;)

My Weekly Meal Plan

Stir Fry

Taco Sundays with FRESH SALSA straight from the garden YUM!

Barley Soup (I'll be canning it might as well have some for dinner too right)

Chili Cheese Fries

Artichoke Tomato Alfredo


Crock Pot Ratatouille

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