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My Favorite Smoothie Mix

For quite some time now this has been my favorite mix to put in smoothies. It has a great flavor and is full of fiber, nutrients and multiple sources of protein. With the right amount of added fat and fruit a smoothie will keep me full and energized for hours. It has also done wonders for my hair, skin and hormones. My eyelashes are longer and thicker then they have ever been. Make up a batch a give it a try I started noticing a difference within the first three months of using it consistently.

I'll share some of my favorite smoothie recipes soon but for now here is my basic formula for making a healthy well balanced smoothie.

My typical smoothie formula:
2 cups of liquid (almond milk, water, kefir or combination)
2 scoops of the mix (recipe below)
1-2 Tablespoons Fat (Nuts or nut butter, coconut oil or MCT oil)
1-2 cups frozen fruit
other add ins fresh greens etc. (optional)

My Favorite Smoothie Mix

Makes about 1 gallon

3 cups chia seed
3 cups collagen
3 cups vanilla bone broth powder
3 cups vanilla plant based protein powder
1/2 scant cup acerola cherry powder
1/2 scant cup maca
1 1/2 cups greens powder

Mix everything into a gallon glass jar. Shake well to combine add two large scoops to your favorite smoothie recipes.

For the Greens Powder I have been using Green Smoothie Girl's but she doesn't seem to be selling it anymore so I'm looking for another brand I will probably end up using this Moringa powder (since it is so affordable and super healthy) and another variety greens mix (I haven't really found one I like yet but there are lots of options out there.)


May Family said...

The GSG protein powder contains green tea extract. Any idea what that means exactly?

Tammie said...

Hummm it looks like she changed her formula.....I'm guessing green tea extract is an extract of green tea. I would probably just go with the natural flavor protein powder it doesn't contain green tea extract. From what I understand green tea is super high in antioxidants and healthy but it can be stimulating to some people for the most part I try to stay away from it. My guess is though that there are only trace amounts in this product.

May Family said...

Thanks so much!