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Mushroom and Rice Cheezy-Q's

Mushroom and Rice Cheezy-Q's
6-8 ounces fresh mushrooms (any kind will work)
1 onion chopped
3 cups cooked brown rice
Olive Oil to taste
1 bottle BBQ sauce (we get good ingredient kind from Azure Standard)
sea salt to taste

Place some oil and the onion in a large frying pan, chop up the fresh mushrooms add to the pan saute for a minute then add the rice and BBQ sauce and salt, stir until it is hot remove from heat. Spread the Cheezy Sauce  on Sesame Ezekial Buns (or other whole grain bun) add the BBQ filling and enjoy.


R. B said...

Can you put sprouts into a bun dough to sort of get a similar effect of an Ezekiel bun?

Tammie said...

R.B: No I don't think that would work. Ezekiel bread is made by sprouting all the grains used and then grinding them into a paste and baking at a low temperature.

Emily said...

Tammie, R.B. is me Emily B.; I know you have a lot of Emily commenters including your sis :) my husband's name is Riley! Ha! Well, I wanted to report the success for this dinner! :) I was so happy that the kids all ate it and said it was good! And the husband said it was good too. That is when I am so happy that I keep trying. I made the cheese sauce with one extra tsp of chili powder and called it a sauce, so no one was 'expecting' a cheese of any sort, and didn't put the mushroom/onion mix on the kids, which is big for me because I am always wanting to have them learn to like things. I think when I really let myself do those little things to sort of adjust, that we create winning dinners, healthy and happy! Too bad I am not more flexible by nature!