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Taco Sundays

Over a year has gone by since I have featured this recipe!  I'd still say it's our most eaten dish!  Yummy filling and everyone can make according to their tastes and we just don't seem to get tired of it!

Not only did I feature this recipe almost 2 years ago! We like it so much I'm featuring it AGAIN! It really is so Simple, Healthy, and Tasty and a great way to clean out the fridge! And the best part is EVERYONE likes it! Also note the few additions and ideas I made to it like the Lime Rice and the Mango Salsa. Also if you put it in a large bowl with a whole wheat tortilla your family might think they were dining at Bajio or Cafe Rio!

This has got to be our family's most eaten dish. I bet we have it at least once a week. It's so easy to throw together, you don't have to have everything for it either and it is still good. I just put some brown rice in the rice-cooker (if you don't have one check out the one I recommend, Stainless Steel Rice Cooker Model ME81 (Formerly ME8) - by Miracle Exclusives ) and pull out what ever is in the fridge. It's filling and just good! My picky kids don't have to put the things they don't care for on it so everybody is happy too. Also it's an easy way to eat a lot of fresh vegetables.

Taco Sundays
Cooked Brown Rice (or my Lime Rice recipe)
Beans of choice (refried, pinto, black,
kidney, etc.)
Onion chopped
Bell Pepper chopped
Zucchini chopped or shredded (optional, I only use this if I have some that need using)
sliced olives
diced tomatoes
Favorite green leafy lettuce torn into small pieces or spring mix salad
Tortilla Chips
Lime and Cilantro on top or added to your Salsa
Mango Salsa is also a Tasty option
(a little mango with onion, jalapeno, cilantro, lime zest and juice and a little pinch of sea salt)

Using the above ingredients make up a salad however you want it. I usually like to put the cooked rice on my plate first then the beans, corn, and Cheezy Sauce. Then all the fresh stuff and then I top it with the Salsa and add guacamole and dressing if I have them made up. If I have fresh mushrooms that need to be used I will slice them up and saute them with onions in a little olive oil and Shoyu or Balsamic Vinegar and maybe a few spices;) And also put them on top of the rice too. Very Tasty!


Emily said...

can i tell you i love browsing your recipes. It's much better than vegweb. I hope that you keep it up!
Thanks for the yummy dinner ideas, without the homework hassle! :)

Love ya lots!

kmb said...

hi tam,

thx for leaving a comment on my healthy cooking blog. i'm looking forward to trying your recipes as well. so fun to find fabulous people who dig the same stuff you do! have a good one! katrina

The Lazy Organizer said...

This is my meal of choice! I have to have lime and cilantro on mine.

So tell me why you like the Blendtec better than the Vitamix. Email me!

Tammie said...

Oh yes lime and cilantro is a must! We usually put it in our salsa! Thanks for the reminder!

paws said...

Looks yummy! What brand of whole wheat tortillas do you buy? The kind I found has all sorts of ingredients of dubious healthfulness. Still, I figure the whole wheat is better than the regular ones, right?

paws said...

What are your tortilla chips of choice?

Thanks for all the info! I'm loving these recipes and can't wait to try them.

Tammie said...

paws: I have yet to find healthy whole wheat tortillas at the grocery store. I get some local type brand at my local health food store. I have once in a while made my own and oh yummy! There is a recipe here!

My most favorite healthiest choices are either making my own by baking or frying corn tortillas in coconut oil, or the baked scoops. But to be perfectly honest most of the time we end up with the organic ones from Costco. I have no idea what they are fried in and even though it says organic on the bag I'm pretty sure they don't fall under the "healthy" category. ;)

Eileen said...

I was wondering how you cook brown rice in your slow cooker? Thanks!

Tammie said...

Eileen: I use the rice cooker that I talk about and link above. I just use 1 part rice and 2 parts water. My rice cooker will easily do 4 cups rice and 8 cups water. Which is great when we need plenty of rice for our family of six. A lot of time we just do 3 cups rice and 6 cups water. You just put it in the cooker and turn it on and when the rice is done it will automatically turn off and stay on a warm setting unless you unplug it. I love it!