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Mango Salsa

A quick and easy recipe that we love to have on Taco Sundays.
Like Bajio only better!

Easy Mango Salsa
2 Large Mangoes, cubed
Juice of one Lime
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 of a purple onion, chopped fine
2 jalapenos seeded (unless you like it spice), chopped fine
3 Heaping Tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro

In a bowl combine all ingredients and mix well.  Makes a great Taco Salad topping, if you want it more salsa like for dipping chopped the mango into even smaller pieces and puree a little of it with some lime juice in a blender and mix it in with the salsa!

By the way thanks for being such good sports with my April Fools joke!  I had such a fun time reading all your responses!  We all had some good laughs here at our house and we hope you did too!  Some of you seemed to almost wish that I really had come up with a healthy way to have corn dogs.  I know there is a way to make them better but it's really NOT what you would call healthy, still very, very, processed;  But probably a better option if you are going to have one anyway. ;)

Hopefully you are all so busy focusing on all the good wonderful healthy foods out there that you don't have time to concern yourselves with such things as Corn Dogs.  But if the craving is super strong don't beat yourself up about it just know that there are "better" options and heck you could get creative.  Ummm I'm thinking mashed up white beans seasoned and pressed together..........or maybe not! ;)  Dang I'm sorry for you who still crave hot dogs I simply have not craved one in years and years.  Once I learned what they where I was pretty well cured of my cravings.  But I certainly don't want to be a source of guilt for you.   Just continue to learn and do YOUR best to keep it Simple. Healthy. Tasty. 

Oh and here my Sister shared this post from her blog!  She follows the Simple. Healthy. Tasty. Lifestyle but still tends to get some cravings once in a while!  ;)  I so admire what she is trying to do in spite of it to be a good example to her children and to teach them to make good healthy choices!  They even ask ME when I give them something to eat if it is healthy!  I'm mighty proud of Em, MIGHTY Proud!  And all of you who try to go beyond the S.A.D. diet with your family at whatever level!  Every little effort IS making a huge difference for good in their lives!
You are all WONDERFUL!

So what are some of your cravings that just seem to crop up when you least expect it?  Do you have some tricks that help?  Remember my Milkshake post that's what helped that particular craving!  Share away in the comments we can learn so much from each other!


Emily said...

Yummy mango salsa!!

And...thanks Tam! I am mighty proud of YOU, too. You're the one who had to work so hard to inspire your strictly meat n' potato eatin' husband to jump on the band wagon. That's tough. Luckily, my husband has always talked sense into me when I am foaming at the mouth when we pass an Arby's. ;)

You're doing great work! Keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

I just had some questions about food storage. Can you store Sucanat and raw sugar in mylar bags? And if you do, you don't put in an oxygen packet, do you? The first time we canned sugar, we did put oxygen packets, and it was super hard when we opened it, and I had to chip it out with a spoon. Now that we are trying to convert our stored items to healthy ones, I'm wondering about the oxygen packets. We don't want that to happen to our sucanat or raw sugar! Will it store okay without the packets?


Tammie said...

Diane: The reason sugar (including Sucanat) doesn't need oxygen packets because they are in and of themselves "preservatives" That is why a lot of times when bottling fruit people make a "syrup" out of sugar and water or I will do Sucanat and water sometimes. I've NEVER seen any of these things go bad, Sucanat, sugar or raw sugar. Yes they can get hard and kind of clump together or in your case with the oxygen packets totally harden. I see no problem with canning and/or sealing in mylar bags, Sucanat and Raw sugar but I WOULD NOT put in oxygen packets they are self preserving. In fact is all I do is keep them in buckets. It makes it easy to rotate and like I said I have never seen them go bad. If you don't rotate and want them to keep and be more fresh after 20 years of storage sealing in cans or bags is probably a good idea. Hope that makes sense!

Amanda Carew said...

I just came across your website, and am SO excited. I can't wait until I have some time in the next few days to sit down and really browse your site and get some great new recipes! I do a blog too about nutrition, etc. so this stuff really interests me! Thanks so much!