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Fruit Pizza

Special thanks to my Sister Emily for letting me steal this recipe (and quite a few others ;) from her blog archives!

Fruit Pizza
3 cups walnuts
2 1/2 cups dates
1 t. cinnamon
blend together in vita mix or food processor
and push down evenly on pan.
Creamy Topping:
3 cups cashew
4-5 lemons juiced (I actually use 1-2 then see if it needs more)
1 T. lemon zest
1/2 t. sea salt
4T. Coconut oil
1/2 c. agave nectar
Blend all together until smooth.

Cover crust with topping and add whatever yummy cut up fruit you love.
I used...
nectarines, grapes, kiwis, blackberries and strawberries.
Drizzle a little honey on top if you like it a little sweeter!
MMmmmmmmmmmmm Goood!

Notice the fruit pizza recipe above is all raw..... BONUS!  My daughter made this not too long ago but she took the easy way and used the Snickerdoodle recipe for the crust and My Favorite Whipped Topping for the creamy topping.  Then added the fruit.  It was super tasty too! Either way ENJOY and have a very wonderful  

Happy Mother's Day!


Liz said...

That looks fabulous thanks!

Kim said...

Tammie below this is a link to flax crackers do you have a recipe?

Kim said...

I'd love to get the summer slushy recipe!

Tammie said...

Kim: I will post the summer slushy recipe soon. There is a video posted on my blog of Green Smoothie Girl making flax crackers but I don't think I have a recipe on here yet. We have tried lots of versions but still trying to find a favorite our family loves. I will post it as soon as we do.