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Quick Tour of our Garden

Remember the post of our yard and garden plans,
and this post updating how our plants were coming?

Well we are having lots of fun and seeing that you really can grow A LOT of food in not much space.  We can't wait until everything is more mature.  But so far we are getting quite a bit of food!  These pictures were taken 2 weeks ago and with all the rain everything is growing FAST!  Including the weeds! ;)  We'll get out and get more pictures soon, but for now enjoy these!  We still have lots of work to do to make it just how we want but we are so excited how everything is coming along!

Most of the garden in the back yard, we want to do bark, or gravel paths to help with the weeds!

Our first handful of Strawberries.  There has been quite a few handfuls since these!

Beets!  I love the Beet greens for steaming and Green Smoothies
And the beets for Smoothies and Pickling!

Pole Beans we love this recipe and hope to have lots of beans to make it with!

 Zucchini!  Lots of plans for this, this, this and many other things!

Oh tomatoes can't get better than homegrown!
My favorite uses for them are here, here, here, and Me and Missy love to just eat them right off the vine!

Romaine, our favorite leafy green for salads!!!

The Peppers have had a slow start but they are much bigger now and I think they will do pretty well!

Just look how cute that little cabbage is!  I hope it gets nice and big and that we will have plenty to eat and make plenty of Sauerkraut which I have figured out how to make without any problems! ;)

Peas!  There are peas all over our vines and we are munching them down!

Kale!  It goes in Green Smoothies and we love these!

Our Blackberry Bush, is a beast we watch it grow and it tries to attack us on our porch!
Branches literally grow overnight!!  We have to put on our armor to train it back to where it goes, because of all the thorns!  But oh the berries are soooo good, like blackberry pie in each fresh picked bite!  These all get ate up but if there ever gets to be more than we can eat they will for sure be frozen for smoothies!

Yarrow!  Just one of my favorite medicinal herbs!  Great for bleeding, fevers, and bug spray!

I wouldn't be an herbalist if I didn't love this little guy!
Of course we have much more then we need! ;)
But if you can't beat 'em join 'em, right!
Wonderful liver tonic/cleanser, blood purifier and great source of minerals!!!

The Raspberries and Blueberries are younger then the Blackberries, but we have high hopes for them too!

Well there's a quick little tour of our garden.  That wasn't all of it and it's still a work in progress!  But I'll continue to share in our gardening journeys!  How is your garden coming?


Kimberley said...

Hi Tammie I'm so delighted I planted romaine lettuce I cut off a bunch the other day and it is regrowing and amazingly in 100 degree temperatures. And thanks for the advice (I'm trying avocado sandwiches soon) I'll never look at another dandelion in the same way.

Heidi said...

Beautiful garden!!!
We grow many of the same yummies as you.

I noticed you mentioned yarrow as a bug spray, do you have a recipe?


Tammie said...

Heidi: I recently learned that yarrow is supposed to be good for that, I also know that basil, and other herbs work pretty good too. I'm working on a recipe that I think works good I'm sure I'll use some essential oils in mine too. I do not have one yet that I have tried. But when I do I will of course post about it. You can just rub the bruised leaves on your skin and it will help.

R. B said...

I was going to ask the same thing as Heidi, I recently got a big bag of yarrow from Azure and don't know how to use it! We have a little bottle we've used lots, but how to change flowers into useable, I'll have to figure out.

How do you use the dandelions?


Tammie said...

Emily: We have put the roots in stir fry and we put leaves in smoothies or the recipe at the link below. I haven't done a lot with the flowers but I have heard of people just eating them (I know some of my kids like to) or making dandelion fritters with them. I think they bread and fry them could be really good but I've not tried them.


Emily said...

Your garden looks fabulous!

Our garden is about ready to finally go to sleep for the summer. Although, next week Fall planting season starts...Pole Beans first up.