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Christmas Punch

Christmas Punch

My kids love, love, love this punch. We have had it nearly every Christmas for....wow like over 10 years now. The only time I make it is at Christmas so they really look forward to it.

We very rarely have bottled or from concentrate juice around here unless it is fresh or in the form of smoothies. Even just orange or apple juice is quite the treat and it's really rare and of course it's always 100% juice. Water is typically my beverage of choice. (I know so boring....but it's the liquid our bodies need and it's so affordable.)

Alright to this recipe is really simple and hard to mess up and should be adjusted to fit your taste. I like it a little on the tart side it almost seems carbonated that way but it's not. But if you like it sweeter feel free to adjust. Also sometimes when I feeling really adventurous I will add in some Calc-Punch just to up the nutrients cause you know me.....but it's totally optional. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

Punch from 100% fruit juice

Christmas Punch
1-2 quarts (depending on how sweet you want it) apple juice (can use from concentrate or bottled just be sure it's 100% juice organic is best, we use grandpa's homemade bottled apple juice he presses from his apple trees MMmmmmMmm)
2 quarts orange juice (I always squeeze some fresh but usually add some concentrate too)
1/2-1 small bottle Cranberry Concentrate (I get this at the health food store you can get unsweetened or apple juice sweetened, it you get unsweetened you will probably want more apple juice.)
Juice of 8-12 limes (I like more but less is good to depends on the limes and depends on your tastes)
1 Orange thinly sliced to float in punch bowl

Combine everything in a large punch bowl. Stir, add ice, taste, adjust to taste. 

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