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Neighbor Gift Idea - Plus Free Printable

Gifts the Neighbors will Love
You know I don't remember if I have ever shared what I give my neighbors at Christmas time! I think I have mentioned it in passing once or twice but never really shared.  Well I'd say it's high time I started letting you in on our fun.

Think of it as my neighbor gift to you! All of my wonderful internet neighbors. ;)

Most years my favorite things to share have been fun treats. My neighbors are always so impressed.... because more often than not my neighbors think will love on nothing but carrots and lettuce or something and that we are all deprived.

One year I did a treat plate with some caramel corn, peanut brittle and a couple of other fun treats I can't remember now which. But her comment was, "Your treats are amazing I can't believe you can make those healthy!" Man do I wish she was still my neighbor I would love to have her try this Toffee.

Mug with Carob Mix
This year I was seriously thinking figuring out some sort of a soup in a jar because there are just so many treats around and I thought soup might help balance it out. I still think it sounds fun.....but since we haven't lived here long and we are in a new and growing neighborhood, we have lots of new neighbors this year many whom I am sure feel so bad for us cause we are so deprived. ;)

So here's what we decided to take them instead......

Healthy Homemade Marshmallows

I just made up a bunch of this Hot Carob Mix and found some mugs I liked and then......oh let me tell you I have been thinking about making homemade marshmallows for a LONG time but kept putting it off cause well I had never even made unhealthy marshmallows before so I was a little unsure of myself.

But then I came across this recipe that has already been healthified. And......I still messed it up. It ended up being a big glob of ugly....lets just say it looked more like a science project. Oh but they are yummy! I was able to cut a few into squares that looked pretty good then the kids were not upset when I said we could have the ugly ones.

Still Tasted Super Yummy!
The Ugly Ones

Then I figured out what I did wrong and made another batch using only 2 1/2 Tablespoons gelatin and beating them so they were not quite so stiff so I could spread them into my pan better. If you attempt the marshmallows (which I highly recommend you do) just be sure to read all the instructions on this post and the one she links to.  I used part honey and pure maple syrup in mine.....I love the flavor!

Allergy-Friendly Marshmallows

Do you know how long it's been since I have had marshmallows? Oh my goodness like 15 years.....some of my kids have never even had a marshmallow.....well that is until now. Maybe the neighbors are right we are deprived. Can I just tell you though homemade ones are So. Much. Better. then the ones you buy! But of course that's a given right.....isn't everything!

Christmas Tag Download

Although I had a lot of fun making marshmallows (oh did I mention I can't wait to try them with my Cocoa!!!! Oh how I used to love marshmallow in hot cocoa!) I think I had more fun making these cute little tags.

Do I have a download?  You betcha! And don't worry it doesn't have our name on it.

Christmas Neighbor Gift Tags

Click here to download tags.

Gifts for Neighbors 

Merry Christmas to each and every one of you!

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Jen said...

We miss your healthy treats (but mostly your healthy family)! Have a good Christmas!