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My Weekly Meal Plan

Meal Planning Made Simple

Last week was a good week. We spent a lot of it out of town visiting Grandma and Grandpa. So I didn't get much done in the way of posting and my at home projects, but it was a lovely diversion.

The kids had built a wind powered "skate board" that they hoped to play on but as luck would have it there was no wind. (At least not until the storm blew through but then it was raining.) No big deal though.....cause after all it is March!

Homeschool is so much fun!
I did manage to get the kid's chore lists updated and went over it with them. I think they will welcome the change and be motivated by it. I've mentioned before that we have used this simple little system that I came up with years ago it has worked really well for us.

Our home....although it isn't a model of perfection, we are able to keep it at a pretty good level of cleanliness without too much effort. This is important to us being a homeschool family. There needs to be order so learning can easily happen but it also can't take up all our time......so learning can easily happen. ;)

If I can get my act together I will try to post about our chore system this month sometime.

I also have a few really yummy recipes that are in the works......I took a second try at some Blondie Brownies yesterday and got some great reviews from the family......especially the husband!!! A couple of tweeks and it will be worthy of posting. (Not to mention I have to get some good pictures of it too that's the hardest part for me I don't consider myself to even be close to good at food photography but I also don't think a recipe is near as fun without a picture to go with it!)  I also have my Quinoa and Sweet Potato Grilled Wrap ready to post this week so be watching for that.

Philly Cheese Steak

My Weekly Meal Plan

Chow Mein 

Lentil Sloppy Joes

Taco Salad

Sweet Potato Soup

Quinoa and Sweet Potato Grilled Wraps


Philly Cheese Steak

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Anonymous said...

The cheesesteak is great looking, but the wind powered skateboard looks really fun! I wish I had thought of that before. If only I had a tarp, and ground free of snow, I'd go at it right now :)