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My Weekly Meal Plan

My Weekly Meal Plan

Last week was extra busy with something going on nearly every evening. I don't really like it when we have weeks like that but they do happen at times. I work hard to avoid it but sometimes.....what can you do. The boys all had BSA Pow-Wow two evenings last week then there was youth night and of course Ry and I wouldn't miss our date night.

It just makes dinner time more rushed. To me family meal time is more then just sitting down to quickly eat and then moving on to more important matters. I like to think of family meal time as the most important matters. Yes having a good healthy meal is important but even more so the conversation that happens especially when we aren't rushed and don't have to be somewhere else.

Simple Healthy Scouts

The clearing of the table and getting the dishes done is often put off for obvious reasons. We will just linger at the table and I love to sit there for as long as everybody will and just visit. We talk about all sorts of things and I love this bonding time that we can just connect as a family.

Missy has been working really hard for a debate that she has tomorrow, it seems to be stressing her out a bit. I reminded her that it was just another debate and to not obsess over it too much. It seemed to relieve some of her stress when I reminded her to not let her schooling get in the way of her education. She kind of let out a sigh of relief and smiled and be and said, "Good point Mom."

I hope no matter if she wins or looses that she will feel good about her performance. Not sure why she even enjoys debate I'm way too sensitive for that sort of thing.

For a few months now Charly has been in a whistling mood and is whistling a tune nearly all day every day. It annoys her siblings quite a bit at times. But mostly I love it. I feel like it brings a cheerful happy mood to he home. It makes me smile. I know it won't last so I'm enjoying every minute of it. She's really good a whistling by the way. ;)

Even though the weather likes to switch from warm to cold frequently this time of year, I really start to get in the mood for picnic type food. You will see some of that along with some soups still on the menu this week. It's just the nature of springtime!

Quinoa Patties

My Weekly Meal Plan

Pizza Casserole

Chickpea Salad Sandwiches

Mac and Cheese

Minestrone Soup

Quesadillas, with Quinoa Salad


Quinoa Burgers

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