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A Quick Update

So there was enough pictures and things to post that I wanted to do it separate from the meal plan post. I did intend to post it before now but......oh well at least I am getting to it. ;)

Missy made The move and I just have to say it was a very simple move I think it took us all of 40 minutes to complete. I'm sure glad she didn't move too far away.

Having my oldest move out has been pretty hard for me but at the same time I'm surprised at how well I'm doing. I think the fact that she comes over for lunch most days helps A LOT!!! I won't mention the fact that I have yet to go into her old bedroom because I'm still in denial.

I'm just taking the whole reality of it slow it will all hit me soon enough and hopefully by then I will have already adjusted just a bit. Changes will keep coming I know and I just pray that I can handle it all with grace....did I mention I'm not good at change?

We got to spend Easter weekend with some dear friends. They had our traditional Passover meal with us....good times!

We worked in the garden some last week and even got a few seeds planted outside. Mostly greens and peas we need to be getting some beets and carrots in soon. When I saw Charly with the pitch fork I couldn't help but have them pose for a picture. ;)

We all go up early and saw the moon some of us managed to go back to sleep for a bit others like the little kids where too excited to sleep. They where sure exhausted after a fun weekend.

The older kids went with our friends to St. George to a horse show that their daughter was in. So there where just a couple of kids to hunt Easter eggs but a good time was had by all. It was a wonderful, inspiring, spirit filled weekend.

Along with all the fun family time I have been having some serious Spring fever set in. For me that means purging, cleaning and focusing a bit more on the order in my home so it takes less of my time and we can actually spend more time outside. If that makes any sense. Have a great weekend.


Felis said...

Stay strong Sista! The rest of us aren't far behind you. I love the ma and pa kettle pic!

Emily said...

Ditto…from Felis! And how about that moon picture?! What the…. Nice!!!