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Mint Chip Adventures

So I have been determined for over a month now to make the perfect mint chip ice cream. I have gotten so close I can taste it.....quite literally! But it has been a little discouraging because so far the first try has been my best. I have tried at least 5 times.

The last time I made it I think it would have been really good but I wanted it perfectly smooth and made the mistake of over blending it and the coconut milk separated so it ended up super grainy. Funny thing is I knew better I have had coconut milk do that to me before. Out of frustration I said to the fam, "You are probably all getting sick of this ice cream." To which Ryan piped up and said, "Nope!" while Missy was shaking her head yes.....although she was grabbing the blender to scrape and lick it clean. ;)

In case you were wondering when it comes to ice cream so much of it is about the smooth creamy texture....I froze it anyway hoping for the best and just as I thought it was terrible it tasted good but the texture made the flavor irrelevant. The kids even called it the nasty texture ice cream.

So I took the frozen "ice cream" and put it in the blender with some Almond Milk and made milk shakes. Let's just say they got drank right up without a complaint. I'm going to try it out again this weekend and hopefully by next week I will have a super yummy recipe to share!

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