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An Update....Finally!

I know, I know.....It's been over a month since I have posted. (So much for tomorrow, huh!)  I took a much needed, spontaneous blogging break. I have spent some time thinking about what I really want to be sharing here on my blog. I like sharing my meal plan but it was starting to seem a bit redundant to me and I have a few other meal plan ideas swimming in my head that may be something worth sharing on the blog as I get them working.

If they prove helpful I will share.....in the meantime there is over a years worth of weekly meal plans in the Menus category.  Some of my thoughts have leaned toward batch cooking, freezer meals, master shopping lists that include shopping then meal planning, 30 minute meals and other things along those lines.....I guess we will see what materializes.

I still want my blog to be a history of sorts where I share some of our everyday life mostly for posterity..... and of course lots of recipes because those are just meant to be shared.

I do have some fun ones almost ready to share and even more in the works but one thing I learned on my break is that I enjoyed not spending large amounts of time putting together posts. So know that updates and blog posts may come less frequently. But don't worry I will always share our favorite recipes. 

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I have been getting more regular about posting on Instagram so if you are wanting more frequent updates follow me there! I will try to keep my other social media sites posted on and updated too but I make no promises. (Find the other links on the fruit icons at the top right (your right) of this page.

So how about a few highlights of the past month!

I had the most awesome Mother's Day weekend! Ryan and I spent it up the mountain where we watched Bald Eagles, snow fall and things. Just taking in the peace and calm and feeling so very rejuvenated......Coming home on Mother's Day to spend some time with those sweet children who call me Mom!

I heard all about their weekend (specifically Missy's first "real" date with this particular boy she has know for quite some time now....they have since had many, many more dates ;) Charly had a whole bunch of gifts that she had made and I just drank in the moment trying to savor as slowly as possible because I see so much change and growth coming on so quickly.

We also celebrated Curt's birthday this past month. He wanted his usual Burrito Casserole dinner but this time he wanted to go bowling and have ice cream cake. This was my first try at any sort of ice cream cake and I had too keep it quick and simple since we where also in the middle of trying to get the garden all planted too. It turned out well though and everyone said they liked it. I will share the recipe soon!


Emily said...

ahhhhh…such a teaser. If that is 'the boy' behind Missy…where's his head?! :)

Courtney said...

Keep doing your menus. I love them and have been copying them all for years. :)