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An Especially Simple Week!

At least as far as food preparation was concerned. This week since my 2 boys were visiting Grandma dinners were very Simple!

Here is an example of one nights dinner. MmmmMmmm and as usual we ate until we were full!



Courtney said...

Fantastic! Okay, Tam. I have been reading your blog for a while ( my siter-in-law Maile is in Emily's ward) now and yesterday I read your Story for the first time. Wow! I have to say it is almost identical to mine, except I haven't made the complete switch to healthy eating and am not yet thin. So we are eating all whole grains and mostly make all our own food, but we still eat some sugar, meat and dairy. So after reading your story, I had my husband read it and now he is totally on board to make a drastic switch. (both our families are very heavy and we would like to avoid that as well as all the health problems associated with it) So I do have questions? (you can email me- courtneymontierth@gmail.com)

So here are my questions? Why no meat and no dairy products? I thought milk (in moderation) was good for us. How do you make sure you and especially your kids are getting enough iron and calcium?
Where do you buy a lot of the items you use in bulk like Coconut oil? How expensive is it? How did you make the switch to eating so much healthier? What do you do when you go out of town, to other people's houses, ward activities? Do you feel sick when you eat "normal" food?

We are really excited to make a total switch next month. I am an all or nothing kind of person so we are just going to jump in.

One more question, as a side note. Do you know anything about Drenamin (it is a nutritional supplement made by Standard Process) I am pregnant with my third baby and have been having thyroid issues. I have been taking it under the direction of a Doctor, but I wanted to know if you knew anything more about it. So far my thyroid is doing well, and I have been able to avoid going on meds.
Thank you!

Courtney said...

One more question-
If you couldn't breastfeed your baby what would you feed them? (I physically cannot breastfeed so it is not even an option)

Emily said...

Yummmmmm. Looks like Sylvan's meals. And we ALL know how healthy he is! I say the easier the better!!

Love, Em

Anonymous said...

That veggie dinner looks so yummy! Nothin like the real things! I hope you got done what you wanted to while the boys were visiting Grandma and grandpa Nelson. And I know they had a great time. Are you home now, or are you in Cedar$ Just curious...I hope to talk to you before we head for the hills. I love you. Mom

Tammie said...


I have a lot of people ask me that question. I usually tell them that I am very grateful I am able to breast feed. But as I have thought about it my next choice would be coconut milk. Not the stuff in the can but the watery stuff that comes right out of the middle of the coconut. I would probaby try to get organic baby thia ones at a health food store or asian store somewhere. It would not be the cheapest thing but I think the next healthiest thing. The milk of the coconut has a very similar DNA to mother's milk. If I couldn't get that or couldn't afford to just use that I may consider some organic raw goats milk. Some kids do have allergies though but I think it is much better then cow's milk. Also depending on the age of my baby I would have no problem giving them a green smoothie. For added nutrition. Avacado's mashed are great, bananas mashed, cooked brown rice. This is not for a newborn though obviously ;) And remember I'm just telling you what I would do. I can't perscribe anything to you I'm not a Doctor. You're the Mom you know best! Study it out and go with your gut!