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My New Super Sized Blendtec Jar!

Okay this may not be very exciting to some of you but I was very excited when my sweet husband came home with a 96 oz. Bledtec jar for my birthday!

Last night we made smoothies in it and I was able to make 2 large and 4 medium smoothies all at one time! I love it! I can make smoothies for the whole family without having to make two batches!

It fits right on the same blender base that my original 64 oz. jar fits so I didn't need another whole machine! I now have two different sized jars and one blender! And I'm pretty dang excited about it ;-) Hooray for Blendtec!



Permission to Mother said...

I'm excited for you!

Red said...

I thought I was thee only kook, who wanted kitchen gadgets, and appliances for holidays and birthdays. I now know I belong to an elite group. Yippee!!!

Nice gadget you got there.

The Lazy Organizer said...

How exciting! If you have one then I have to get one too! What I would like is a smaller jar for making salad dressings that I could just keep in the fridge and then get it out and blend it up again when we're ready to use it. Do you know if they have a smaller version? I might just have to use my old blender for dressings.

Tammie said...

the lazy organizer: A little small one is a great idea I have not thought of that. I wonder if they do sell one and if not maybe we should give them the idea! ;)