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Calzones Made Simple

Calzones can be lots of fun but rather tedious if you are making them healthy and homemade! Especially if you are like me and don't have a bread mixer yet! *sigh* So to have to roll out each individual Calzone was just not going to happen very often around here. But we love how Tasty and filling they can be so here are some tricks to make it more Simple. We have them more often now!

If you don't have a bread mixer be sure to make them on a day when your husband can be home. They make excellent bread mixers and if you employ this method enough I'm sure they will get the hint that you could really use one! ;) For the dough we just use the Best Yet Whole Wheat Bread recipe. Letting it rise a bit before rolling it out seems to make a lighter crust which I really like. I just let it rise while preparing the filling. This will make two long Calzones!

For the filling saute the veggies you want in a little coconut oil. We like onions, mushrooms, peppers, artichoke hearts, corn, olives, zucchini, just whatever we have that sounds good on a pizza look here for other ideas. After the dough has risen divided it into two pieces roll each piece out onto a oiled cookie sheet. Spread your sauce, going the long way on one half of the dough. (I like to use either a healthy bottled one if I'm in a big hurry or I make this adding a can of diced tomatoes to it. It helps the Calzones to not be dry.) Then layer that with your veggies, then top with my mock Mozzarella Cheese Sauce.

Then just flip over the half of crust without filling on it and press down around the edges. Remember you are doing this all twice because it make two!

Bake at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes or until golden brown. Then slice and serve! Like I said, very Tasty and VERY filling!


Permission to Unwind said...

Tammie- this looks so yummy! I wonder if I could substitute something for the oats and make that mozzarella sauce? Any ideas? My oldest son is allergic to gluten, and oats are often processed along with wheat so we don't use them unless we can find them certified from a gluten-free facility. Anyway, if you have any ideas of something else that might work, please let me know! I'd love to try this.

Emily said...

Oh Tam:


The end.

Tammie said...

Marie if I were you I would probably just add an extra Tablespoon of arrowroot and 2 extra Tablesoons of Nutritional Yeast. Hopefully that will still thicken like it should that way but not be too thick! Good Luck! Let me know how it works out!

Kate said...

okay....my calzones NEVER turn out looking that great! wow! lol....I am taking your tips from this and I am going to use them next time, thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Tam And Ry, those look beautiful...and delicious! You guys are so creative. I just visited Aunt Darlene the other day, and she has a new Bosch bread machine. I agree, Tam that one of those would be wonderful. Especially if you do lots of bread.
Nevertheless, you have a great hubby with strong hands and arms and a willing heart, so keep on counting your blessings and making that wonderful bread. I love you all. Mom and Grandma O.

Nonna Beach said...

Oh, wow !

My husband loves calzones and he's Italian to boot...thanks for the nice step by step pictures too !
Yummy !