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The Herbs I Wouldn't Want to be Without

You know I am finding the longer we try to eat healthy the stronger our immune systems seem to get. We don't need to use herbs medicinally near as often as we did when we first started down this path. But we do still definitely use them and I would NOT want to be without them.

Quite honestly we have not been to the doctor in over 8 years. Not one of us! I'm not against going to the doctor in fact I am very glad they are there and for EMERGENCIES they are invaluable! It is amazing to me though that with a little bit of knowledge and understanding it has saved my family and I TONS of time, money, stress, and avoided the symptom treating and unwanted side effects of chemical drugs.

I want to do a series of herbal health type posts that I hope will help encourage others ESPECIALLY Mother's to learn a little more. It is empowering to not be at the mercy of the "experts." I will put them in a new category called Natural Healing.

To begin with I will just post my all time favorite herbs! Please don't forget about the disclaimer at the bottom of the blog. ;)

The Herbs I Wouldn’t Want to be Without

Cayenne - If I had to choose just one herb this would be it! It is a cure all for anything, from colds to ulcers. It will stop bleeding in about 10 seconds, helps with circulation, cures ulcers (quickly but not painlessly). If you feel a cold coming on you can take cayenne and dramatically shorten if not stop it from getting bad. It also is a great catalyst for all other herbs to help increase their potency.

Mullein - This herb is a must if you have children. I use it most for earaches and congestion. Mullein oil put in the ears along with garlic oil and lobelia will cure an ear infection. Mullein and Lobelia ointment rubbed on the throat will help swollen glands. Mullein oil rubbed on the chest will break congestion and loosen up a cough.

Lobelia - As noted above I use this herb a lot with mullein. It is also great for pain relief of all sorts and to help someone relax and sleep. It can be used as an emetic or an anti-emetic. If you need to vomit or if you can’t stop, it will help both situations.

Comfrey - An absolutely amazing herb! It will mend, heal, and rebuild Bones, Flesh, and Cartilage! It is great for bruises, burns, broken bones, and any other type of wound.

Aloe Vera - Every home should have one of these plants. They require very little care and are wonderful for sun burns and all types of burns because of its cooling effect. It also works well
to help heal an upset stomach.

Garlic - Probably my second favorite herb. Not only does it flavor many foods but it heals so many problems. It helps a cold, it’s great for the heart, and will heal all sorts of things you
thought you needed an anti-biotic for like ear infections, strep throat, pneumonia etc. Without killing the good bacteria in your body!

Onion - Another great tasting one. But also is great for ulcers, and the reason I wouldn’t want to be without it is because of how wonderful it works for severe cases of croup, pneumonia, and asthma. Baked and laid on the chest and back will help to loosen up phlegm and open up breathing passages.

Yarrow - This herb grows great in many places. It is a diuretic and works great for fevers, the flu, and colds.

Echinacea - This flower is a must to have during cold and flu season. It boosts the immune system to help the body fight off illness. Due to the fact that it revs up the immune system someone with an auto-immune disease like asthma or fibromyalgia would not want to take Echinacea but would be better off with Astragalus and Marshmallow Root because they calm and strengthen the immune system without having it over react.

Goldenseal - Is a great herb that I save for the really tough infections. I don’t have to use it very often but I wouldn’t want to be without it for the times I might need it. In case something is just really tough to get rid of.

Plantain and/or Black Ointment - These ointments are great drawing ointments meaning they will draw toxins out of the body. For instance a snake bite, poison ivy, stinging nettle, or insect bites. It also works great for staff infection or blood poisoning.

Chickweed - Is good for all types of itchy rashes. From bites and hives to measles and chicken pox. It helps relieve the itch and heal the sores.

Ginger - I love this herb because I get motion sick fairly easy. I use it along with peppermint and fennel for all type of nausea and stomach aches. I also use it with Red Raspberry Leaf tea for Morning sickness when I am pregnant. It does the trick. I have found that catnip and fennel work really well for babies with colic.

Honey - Although this is not an herb I would not want to be without it! Mixed with onion juice or on it’s own is great for coughs. It works great for sore throats and mixed with garlic and cayenne will cure strep throat!


The Cooking Lady said...

We buy ginger nearly weekly, that is how much we go through the stuff. Also if you have a cold or feel one coming on, try slicing a semi-thin piece of ginger (peeled of course) and keep it under your tongue.

It's a tough one to do , but it is supposed to help stave off your symptoms, but it is a toughie so beware.

Permission to Unwind said...

We are in the same situation- haven't been to the doctor in years, except for one son with emergency appendicitis, and another with a broken clavicle. But other than those two scrapes with the ER, we never have a need for the doctor. People raise their eyebrows when they hear that we don't have insurance (and they wonder how in the world we survive), but honestly- it would be a waste of money for us. I wonder at the enormous changes that would happen in our society if more people turned to alternative healing. Doctors and hospitals just might become the exception, rather than the rule. :o)

Anonymous said...

tammie, I am so glad you posted this. I am going to print it off and put this list with my food storage/preparedness stuff, just to help me remember which things work for what...and to make sure I have these all available. I am so grateful for the hands on knowledge you have acquired and that you are sharing with others. You are an inspiration! I love you. Mom

Emily said...

I am totally pumped about your natural healing posts! This is gonna be fun!

Nice list! Great work!

Love ya like a 'medicine cupboard' full of herbs! ;)

Carla said...

Do you use these herbs in tincture or keep dried herbs? What do you find works best?

Tammie said...

Carla, For children I have liked the tinctures, but the capsulated dried herbs work great once they can swallow them. I also store the bulk dried herb so I can use it if I want to make teas, poltices etc. I really like a lot of Dr. Christopher's herbal combination. I will be sharing some of my favorites soon!

Mommy to One said...

I just met you on FamilysEatingHealthy, and I've only just begun to check out your blog, but I can tell already that I am going to learn a lot from you! This is great stuff, and right up my alley with the idea of natural healing/health. Thanks for sharing all this info! I had no idea on most of it.

Neffi said...

I love your blog and all the things you share. I have a daughter aged 1 1/2 and so far we didn't really need doctor, i hope with the ideas here we'll be even better... a big thank you

Anonymous said...

I am totally new to herbal healing but my family needs it badly. I am really excited to start learning! In what form do you give these herbs? Thanks!

Tammie said...

Haley: Some are in capsules, some liquid extract form or ointments. It all depends on the age of the person using them and/or what they are being used for.