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Chocolate Pudding Parfait

Chocolate Pudding Parfait
1 recipe Chocolate Mousse (with almond extract or more vanilla for extract of choice)
1 recipe of My Favorite Whipped Creme

Be sure the Mousse is chilled.  Then in fun fancy glasses layer the Mousse and the Whipped Creme so it looks pretty.  Enjoy!


Emily said...

Oh...yum! Blast this dad-gum thrush!!

Got any good recipes with brown rice n' veggies in 'em.

Just kidding. Really.

Love you!!

Dr. Burke said...

Tammie - your link to the Chocolate Mousse isn't working. Could you please fix that so I can make this yummy looking dessert that I am now drooling over? :)

Tammie said...

Dr. Burke: I'll get right on that thanks for letting me know!