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Simple. Healthy. Tasty. Has a New Look!

Don't worry you're still in the right place, we aren't going anywhere.
We are just improving!

My main goal here at Simple. Healthy. Tasty. is to help keep healthy SIMPLE.  I'm sure you have noticed that I'm much better with a spoon and fork then with a mouse and a keyboard.  So I won't be taking credit for this awesome new site.  I have an amazing Sister who spent hours and hours redesigning everything!  She has made it much more user friendly and easy to read!  I can't thank her enough!  I know it will make your time here much more enjoyable and of course Simple!  So go ahead look around and check things out!

Be sure to come back often especially during the next few weeks, cause we will be doing some celebrating and there will be freebies and lots of surprises in store! 

There are also lots of BIG plans for the coming year!
More with Menu Planning. Extra help for holidays and special occasions.
Lots of Help with Healthy Food Storage.
My recipes in ebook format for better organization and ease in printing.
As always lots of new Simple. Healthy. Tasty. recipes!
And Much, Much, More!!!!

So be sure to become a fan if you are not already!  And stick around we LOVE having you here!


Emily said...

WooooHooooo! This place looks FABULOUS!!


Jessica said...

It looks great!

Amy said...

I love your new look, Tammie! It is PERFECT for you blog! And your book looks fabulous, too!!!

Emily said...

It looks so clean and fresh, good job Tammie's sis!