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Don't ask me why I'm just getting around to posting these!  We love Tacos and eat them often!  I like that they are simple to make but kind of make a nice dinner!  You can change it up and make different  kinds of tacos depending on the type of filling you put in or the type of taco shells you use.

Favorite beans (pinto, black or lentils)
Taco Seasoning
Cheezy Sauce
chopped tomatoes
shredded lettuce
Ranch Dressing
Tortillas of choice (whole grain flour, soft corn, crunchy corn)
Other optional ingredients:
sliced olives, salsa, rice, cilantro
onions, peppers, mushrooms, zucchini (these could be sauteed)

Take already cook beans you want to use and warm and season them with the taco seasoning to taste.  For those who miss the ground beef lentils done this way seem kind of close.  In a cooked or warmed tortilla spread the beans and cheezy sauce then top with tomatoes, lettuce, dressing and any other toppings of choice.  Fold up and ENJOY!


Mom said...

MMMM Tacos, the all time favorite! Quick and easy, healthy and everyone likes them. Dad and I like to put crispy alfalfa sprouts on ours instead of (or in addition to) the lettuce. Your pictures always make me soooooo hungry! Love you. Mom

Emily said...

I'm with Mom...let's eat!

Remember how we ate tacos every single Sunday growing up? And how Dad would huck the tortillas to us like frisbees? And how Spencer would only eat cheese tortillas and then he would dip them in his water?

How I miss those good ol' days.

How I miss you!

Thanks for postin' tacos!:)

Tammie said...

Emily: Yep I sure do remember those good ol' days! In fact I've carried on the tortilla frisbee tradition! ;) At first Ryan thought it was teaching poor manners but it didn't take him long to join in the fun.

I miss you too! Sorry we couldn't stay longer at Mom's!