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Dear Dad,

I watched this movie last night and found it truly inspiring!  I hope you are doing well with your Simple Healthy Tasty Lifestyle!  I thought you also might find this movie to be inspiring!  You can watcher the trailer below!

I love you so much Daddy and admire you in so many ways!!!!  You are my Hero!

Your Daughter,

P.S. Movie can be rented or purchased by clicking here!


Becky said...

I watched it last night and I enjoyed how much teaching it had in it. I don't know how I feel about the juice fast but the results were amazing!

Emily said...

Our sweet Popsy...such an inspiration in every way!

And I love motivational stuff like this that makes me want to be the best I can be!

Thanks so much for sharing!

Tami said...

This is (at least, was) available on Netflix and we watched it recently - loved it! Hubby did a juice fast for 2 weeks and enjoyed it (mostly) :) I'll stick with green smoothies.

Mindy said...

What do you think about the ikon juicer? Do you know anything about it?


Tammie said...

Mindy: I have heard some people say good things about it but I have never used one. Sorry don't know much about it.