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Bean Dip

Do you know how hard it is to get an appetizing picture of bean dip? ;)  Well this was the best I could get just so you know it is super tasty!  It's been tried on a group of teenage girls at girls camp and went over with great success.  Of course it was an instant favorite with my family!  Our friends loved it too and have been wanting me to post this recipe.  I think it's a great dip warm or cold!  Perfect for parties, camps, sides or a fun snack.   It's easy to make up a small or large batch when I making Our Very Favorite Refried Beans.  For sure an instant favorite!

Bean Dip

4 cups cooked and seasoned pinto beans with some of the liquid (refer to Our Favorite Refied Bean Recipe)
1 cup Cheezy Sauce
1 teaspoon Jalapeno powder
Seasonings to taste (I usually do about 1 teaspoon chili powder, 1/2 teaspoon cumin, granulated garlic and salt )
For added roasted veggie flare you can add a few sauteed mushrooms, onion, green bell pepper and diced green chilies (totally OPTIONAL)  It's good but I only do it if I have some that need using.

This comes together best if beans are still warm.  Just throw it all together and blend with a stick blender until smooth.  Don't be afraid to taste and adjust seasoning and amounts to your liking.

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