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A Simple Healthy Pregnancy - My Thoughts

I get a lot of questions on how I kept nutrition up when I was pregnant and nursing while still following a Simple, Healthy, Tasty Lifestyle.  I have been thinking about it a lot and it's high time I posted my thoughts about it.  I think to make it easier I will just make a list of what I did and/or would do if I had it to do again.  Quite honestly I have learned a lot since my last baby and would do a few things different.  I also asked both of my Sister's (since they have both had had a baby within the past year) and my good friend (who has 6 kids including twins who are almost 2) about it just in case I had forgotten something.  Also please don't forget that this is just what works for me and my own opinion.  Obviously keeping nutrition up as much as possible is just good common sense for building a healthy baby.  But it may look a little different for each person. 

Drink Your Nutrition

Green Smoothies (at least a quart 3x's a week 4 or 5 times a week would be better)

Calc Punch  DRINK LOTS!

Raspberry Leaf Tea with Peppermint-DRINK LOTS! (or Women's Balancing)

Ormus Greens w/ Liquid Light - Drink on the days you don't have a smoothie

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Juices- Drink when craving....so good for you & baby

Nettle Infusion- (or more Women's Balancing herbal tea)

Chia Drink- make a quart a week, drink as needed

Whole Food Supplements

B-Complex, I like Megafood Brand, 1 a day

Zinc, again Megafood Brand, 1 a day

Capsulated Alfalfa, Yellow Dock and Kelp-High in Minerals-can prevent anemia*

B-12 Spray, 3-6 sprays a day under tongue

Wheat Germ Oil Capsules, 1 morning and night

Cod Liver Oil Capsules, 2 a day

 Bee Pollen- add up to one tsp. to smoothie-be sure no allergies by starting small

 Maca, I buy the powder and add 1 teaspoon to my Green Smoothie

 Rosehips- again I add to Smoothie - High in Vitamin C

 Flax seed oil and flax seeds, add to smoothie or mix with Organic Cottage Cheese

Get Plenty of Protein

 Hemp Seed is a complete protein, has all essential amino and fatty acids

 Wild Alaska Salmon-great source of Omega 3's and Protein

 Free Range Organic Eggs

 Chia seed contains 18 of the 22 amino acids-another complete protein

 Quinoa, Millet, Buckwheat-All complete proteins

 Loved this smoothie when I was pregnant-full of protein

Don't Forget the Fat

Eat Plenty of good fats - you and your baby need it!

Extra-Virgin Coconut oil

Extra-Virgin Olive oil


Grass Fed Butter

Coconut Milk

Natural Helps for Common Complaints

 Nausea-Raspberry leaf and peppermint tea, Ginger Chews, Ginger Capsules

 I also like the Panda Licorice w/herbs to help with Nausea

 Anemia-Liquid Chlorophyll, Black Strap Molasses, also see*above

 Constipation-Plenty of water and fiber-whole foods are full of fiber ;)

 Blood Sugar issues-whole foods-Stevia over other sweeteners

 Heartburn- Apple Cider Vinegar

 Insomnia- Cayenne and Lobelia


 Walking is really the best, low impact, fresh air, sunshine




 Remember to start slow if you are new to any type of exercise use common sense

A little note from me:
I got looking at this list and thought that everyone will think that it is some sort of hugeish commercial. Please know that I have used or use everything here and just linked it to the brands and places that I like and have found most affordable.  Also a healthy pregnancy can obviously happen without doing everything on the list.  You won't do it anyway if it is too complicated and doesn't work for you so make it work for you.

It looks complicated but I still follow similar nutrition and habits.  I drink a green smoothie more often then not, I take whole food supplements, herbs, and teas that I feel help nourish me.  I use natural means for illness or complaints and I exercise regularly.  It's really just principles of good nutrition.  I think the whole food method is a lot more healthy then the synthetic vitamin way.  But I also think that someone can be very healthy eat just whole food without any supplements at all they just have to be very diligent in this day and age.

Also I have to tell you that I went through 2 pregnancies without any animal products.  It can be done but by the end of the second one I felt.....well mostly really, really, tired!  I'm sure I got fairly depleted although my baby was super healthy....biggest one yet....and had no issues.  I was just learning about green smoothies though.  Anyway my point is it can be done but you have to be even more diligent with nutrition.  Again be wise and listen to your body.

If you have some of your own thoughts about having a Simple Healthy Pregnancy please feel free to share in the comments.  My most useful information has come from other Mother's sharing their experiences with me.  Or if you have questions and need help sorting all this out ask away I'll do best to answer them.

In Health,



Anonymous said...

Thank you for this! This list is an answer to my prayers!

Linda said...

Hi Tammie,
We just had baby number 7... 2 days ago. I did not like the pre-natal supplements available and I followed much of the same types of things you show here. I just picked and chose what worked for me. Because I lost so much blood with my last miscarriage I was very, very low on iron and took 2 double doses of Floradix every day along with a raw food blood building and B vitamin complex. I got my iron up enough that my midwife wasn't so worried about me. We had a beautiful home birth... 9 pounds!!! It was my first home birth and I believe nutrition played a big part in it turning out so well!

Thanks so much for sharing your ideas--- you have some great insights!

Have a great day- best wishes with your pregnancy!
=) Linda

Tammie said...

Linda: Hello there! Thanks so much for sharing I love hearing and learning from others experiences. I do think I need to clarify that I am not currently pregnant. Just sharing what I have learned in the past. ;)