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4th of July Muffins

At our home the 4th of July has become more dear with each passing year.  Also September 17th, (Constitution Day).  We love America and our hearts ache as we see so many freedoms being slowly taken from us.

It's hard sometimes to know what to do and can seem like such a daunting and overwhelming task to know what we can do to help make any sort of difference.  I try so hard to not get discouraged.  It can be difficult but I have hope and here is why.

I truly believe the hand the rocks the cradle rules the world.  I am a Mother!  I am raising our future.  I train, inspire, love and help learn.  I never forget that the most important work I do, that will make the most difference, is in my own home.

It has become a family tradition to read the Declaration of Independence to our children on the 4th of July.  But it doesn't stop there.  We talk about it on a regular basis.  We read from the Constitution.  We discuss it and pull it out when we have questions about certain things and if they are "Constitutional."

We learn about the Founding Fathers and read the stories about them.  We teach our children that these were men whom God raised up for this very purpose.  We all our striving to learn correct freedom principles.  I'll just list some of our favorite resources then on to a fun, very simple 4th of July recipe!

I can't stress these first two enough.  They are so good and so simple to understand.  A must for EVERY AMERICAN to study!!  
That's just the short list but even just picking a few of these will help us and our children become empowered with the understanding of true freedom principles.  

God Bless America!

4th of July Muffins 
1 recipe of My Favorite Whipped Creme
These Blueberry Muffins made without the crumb topping
Fresh Blue Berries and Strawberries

Bake the muffins and let them cool.  Feel free to make the whipped creme ahead of time it will be thicker then mine that way.  Frost muffins with the whipped creme and place on a tray or cookie sheet into a rectangle shape.  Place blue berries on 4 of the muffins in the corner on your left. Then slice the strawberries and make stripes with them.  Like in picture above.

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Cassie said...

I made these yesterday. Everyone loved them, even my sister who always makes fun of my healthy foods. She even wants the recipe! Thanks!