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My Weekly Meal Plan

Oh today is Monday and I am feeling it. Even with celebrating the New Year we are going to keep it extra extra simple this week.

On days like these I just breathe deep and try to focus on the little things. Because even they seem really big right now. Life is good and we are so blessed! I am feeling a tad bit overwhelmed right now though and I'm not afraid to own it.

Yoga pants are still on (in fact I slept in them last night because all my other jammies were dirty) and I think it's a good day to just stay in them! It's funny that on days like today I choose to stay in yoga pants cause isn't it really all about being flexible. ;)

I don't think there has been one week since I have been posting the meal plan that I have exactly followed it but it really does help to have a plan in place and then be flexible.

I'm trying to remember that with more than just meal planning......As we are super close the the New Year and thinking about Resolutions I want to work on being a better planner and living more intentionally in many areas of my life but I also need to remember that flexibility is key and it's not about perfection but about
learning and growth.

I read Tell Your Time a few years ago it's a time management book that takes very little time to read.... I LOVE THAT! I'm going to read it again before the New Year because I need a little refresher. I have also started reading 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life I feel like it will be a good motivator too. I have just downloaded Organizing Life as a Mom  (it's on sale by the way use code ROCK2014 until January 4th) onto my Kindle because I need to ask myself the tough questions and say no to some things so I can say yes to others. Am I the only that finds that almost painful? (yes these are affiliate links)

I have always thought I was a strong advocate against busyness but that must be the proud side of me cause when I get real with myself I struggle to let go of my favorite "busy" things and focus on what truly matters. But I won't go into all my thoughts and ponderings right now.....maybe another time.  For now may you have a

Blessed New Year!

My Weekly Meal Plan 

Spaghetti (yep the sauce is already made and bottled in food storage....not a day to tackle sauce making)

New Year's Eve Menu


Minestrone Soup

Macaroni and Cheese

Nachos My Way

Cauliflower and Curry Soup

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Cauliflower and curry sounds yummy!