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Valentine's Day Menu 2014

More often than not we have an somewhat Italian themed dinner for Valentine's Day. Not sure why maybe I just figure and Italian meal is romantic. It's just kind of become a tradition.

I used to feel like Valentine's Day was just for couples and I wanted to just go on a date with my sweetheart. Well I guess I wasn't the only one that felt that way because it seemed like everyone was on a date on Valentine's Day.

If you know me you will know that I'm a little bit claustrophobic and don't really care for crowds......So I rethought how we celebrate the Valentine's thing. And now we like to have a nice quiet dinner with some fun treats, maybe a few games and usually a movie this year Love Comes Softly is our movie of choice.

Now don't you worry, my Sweetheart and I still celebrate with a fun date or a nice little getaway we just don't choose to celebrate as a couple on a different day then Valentine's Day. I'm kind of non-conformist that way.........sometimes! ;)

Valentine's Day Menu 2014

Pizza - It's super easy to make somewhat heart shaped and your kids think your the coolest mom ever.....at least mine do. They are pretty easy to please.

Italian Tossed Salad - It's like being at The Olive Garden only better!

Snickerdoodles - You could even make these heart shaped too if you wanted.

Gourmet Vanilla Ice Cream with Hardening Chocolate Sauce - This is so fun and we haven't had it in quite some time. I used to love Magic Shell as a kid I thought it was so cool how it would harden. I also think it will be fun to have some Strawberries around to dip in it and chill them then add another coat or two. Nothing like Chocolate dipped strawberries at Valentines right!

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