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My Weekly Meal Plan

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We enjoyed beautiful weather this weekend but this morning it's really windy. It is March after all! Although I do not care for how very windy spring can be. What I love about this time of year are all the things that start to peek up out of the ground. And I start getting excited about planting our garden.

I noticed the Forget-Me-Nots, Lemon Balm, Calendula, Yarrow, Flax, Bee Balm, Plantain and a few other things are all starting to grow again. I think the herb garden will be beautiful! I hope to add to it too. The trees are also trying to come out but I hope they don't blossom too soon because we should still get some pretty cold spells around here and I don't want them to freeze.

The trees are big enough to give us a little fruit this year if they don't freeze. Here's hoping they don't blossom to quickly.

Spinach, Lettuce, Peas, Onions
Some of last years garden. June 2013

Last week was a pretty calm week. We were home for the most part and the kids started getting into the routine of their new chore lists. I thought it went well and should have been done much sooner. There was much less complaining.....sometimes change is just a good thing.

I'm looking forward to this weeks menu, since I love chick-peas and I plan on trying a new crock pot dish with red lentils and sweet potatoes. As usual though it all looks really simple. My crock pot will get plenty of use and with the help of the older kids very little time will be needed to be spent preparing food.

Quesadillas with Quinoa Salad and Lime Cilantro Sour Cream

My Weekly Meal Plan

Minestrone Soup

Quesadillas with Quinoa Salad

Sweet Potato and Chickpea Curry

No-Fuss Potato Soup

Chickpea Salad Sandwiches


Crock Pot Sweet Potato Lentils

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