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My Weekly Meal Plan

Last week I noticed I was experiencing a bit of blogging/social media burnout. I have been seriously considering hiring someone to take care of all the social media posting....I of course would follow up and still be there to socialize, answer questions etc. but wouldn't have to keep up with all the posting. For some reason it's a stress for me and just get entirely overwhelmed with it all.

When I mentioned wanting to do that to my family, Missy said she would like to try doing that for me. I think I want to start training her soon and I know that she will probably learn and understand it much better than I have. ;) That will take a lot of the pressure off me to focus more on my blog content and just posting here.

I also have other project ideas running around in my head and lists on paper but can't seem be able to focus on them....I think this will help so I can do that too. I guess we will see how it goes.

This past week was a nice week aside from the fact that I'm getting very tired of wind. Things are winding down with the kids more formal schooling stuff, like local classes and online classes. We still continue to "do school" through the summer when we are home just because I like to stay in our routine and it's relaxed enough that it isn't hard to do.

But I always kind of enjoy that things are winding down with the more formal things that have deadlines etc. where the pressure is off.

We considered planting more garden this weekend but knew that we should probably wait at least a week, maybe two. Sure enough we got a good dumping of snow Saturday night and I know tomatoes and peppers would not have made it though that.

Since things have been so weird this year we may put off planing non-cold hearty plants until Memorial Day Weekend. I'm worried about my peach trees....this crazy spring weather has been really hard on them. Very few branches are leafing out. Not sure all of them will make it and I'm really sad about that because they were all 4 or 5 years old. Trees sure take lots of patients.

I just hope we can find out the cause although we are pretty sure it's the cold that got to them. But it's still weird. I know getting fruit every year because of the cold doesn't always happen but I didn't think all the branches could freeze too. I know there are plenty of peach trees growing in these parts.

Mother's Day was cold and snowy but an all around lovely day. Aside from being a wife to Ryan being a Mom is my very most favorite thing. It's the very hardest thing too but that's what makes it so rewarding. I love watching my kids learn and grow and seeing how quickly they are becoming such wonderful young adults and some of my dearest friends.

Okay this weeks meal plan....I'm excited for leftovers tonight from my wonderful Mother's Day dinner yesterday. Missy and Ryan prepared most of it and did a awesome job and I love that there were lots of leftovers so cooking will be a breeze tonight. And of course the rest of the week is fairly simple too. ;)

My Weekly Meal Plan

Grilled Veggie Sandwiches, Italian Tossed Salad with Creamy Italian Dressing

Minestrone Soup

Quinoa Stir Fry


Black Bean and Sweet Potato Taco Packets


Philly Cheese Steak, My Way

Everyday Healthy

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