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My Weekly Meal Plan

So a few fun highlights from this week are.......
that I am struggling to keep up with all the harvest (such a wonderful problem to have)
I bottled a bunch of dill pickles last week there have been some trial and error to keep them from being over cooked and crisp and sealing the jars and not having them break....but I'll share more of that later.
I have been freezing peaches and enjoying a coconut milk and/or almond milk green smoothie with lots of frozen peaches. YUM!
My Sister came for a short (it's always too short I say) visit!
And my "little" Matt turned 15!

Not so little anymore now is he! He is almost taller than me now and with as big as his feet are I'm betting he will outgrow his Dad in a few years. Such a nice, good young man.....I'm so glad to have the privileged of being his mother!

My Weekly Meal Plan

Sweet Potato and Chickpea Curry

Raw Guacamole Lettuce Wraps

Grilled Southwestern Sweet Potato Salad

Spicy Chickpea Veggie Burgers

Stuffed Zucchini (Yeah we had used up a lot of our zucchini and didn't have enough so we had Taco Salads last week but I just picked a bunch so I know there will be PLENTY this week!)


Taco Soup in the Crock-Pot (I have been wanting to try some sort of taco soup in the crock pot the recipe is in my head right now but it will be kind of similar to this one)

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