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My Weekly Meal Plan

Just thought I would share a couple things that maybe some of you may be interested in before I share my weekly meal plan!

First starting today and going all week is the Wellness Family Summit......Registration is free and there looks like a great line-up of speakers I have already listened to a couple today and learned a few things a taken some notes. Excited to learn more! (Please note that even though I recommend you check out this summit please don't assume that it means that I totally agree with everything being presented.)


Also on sale until this Friday October 17th is the Spa Party Planning Package! I have reviewed all that is included and I love the idea of getting the party license of 20 copies of the recipe books so you not only have a fun spa party with your friends but you get to share with them all the fun natural skin care recipes so they can be a little crunchy like you!

Fresh Facials and Scrumptious Scrubs

These days I don't think we spend enough time with the actual people that are around us. With all the social media and things I think we forget to spend time face to face with people. Also we don't seem to take much if any time for ourselves these days.....This is a great way to take care of both of these problems in a super fun relaxed way and even help those around you get to know you and your crunchy wholesome side just a little more.

I'm finding most people are pretty open and interested to healthier options nowadays especially if it's simple, more affordable and healthier! A Spa Party might just be the best least pressure way to introduce your friends to a healthier way of life.

My Weekly Meal Plan

Summer Squash Patties

Sweet Potato and Mango Tacos

Garden Skillet

Pizza Casserole

Artichoke Tomato Alfredo


Sunday: Lentil Soup

Sale ends Thursday the 16th on my all time favorite dehydrator!

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