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My Weekly Meal Plan

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This week was full of being grateful for the many loved ones that we call family! What a blessing they are in our lives I just wish I could have had them all in the same room at once for a picture....but that just didn't happen. ;)

We also grabbed a little time to put up our tree and the kids put the decorations on. I'm thinking the holiday decor will be on the very simple side this year with just the tree and maybe a nativity or two. Unless the kids want to put up the village I think it's okay to keep it in the box this year.

My Weekly Meal Plan

Monday: Sweet Potato and Chickpea Curry

Tuesday: Lentil Soup

Wednesday: Mac and Cheese

Thursday: Flatbread Falafel Sandwich

Friday:  Quesadillas

Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday: Minestrone Soup


Raising an army said...

Hi tammy,
I noticed in your post from a few years ago that you attended school of natural healing. I have thrown around the idea of going the four about 2 years now. Trying to justify the 500 dollars. I wanted maybe a first hand testimony of what it did for you. I am hoping you don't mind sharing. Thanks so much.

Tammie said...

I use the things I learned through the School of Natural Healing every day! I am very glad that I took the time to take these courses. I love learning about the healing power of food and herbs!

If you think you are interested maybe you should try just taking the Family Herbalist online course through them and see what you think. You can get that course for $195 by going to... http://www.snh.cc/jamaffiliates/jrox.php?id=1136_1_bid_23

Yep it is my affiliate link but it's a great discount for that course. As I went further I was also able to apply for scholarships that helped with the expense of the course so if you find you like the family herbalist course you may want to look into something like that.

I wrote a post some time ago about what a blessing those classes where. For me and my family. You should be able to find that post at http://www.simplehealthytasty.com/2010/05/one-of-best-things-by-far.html

Hope that helps!