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My Weekly Meal Plan

Last week was full of weeding, cleaning up the yard, getting the water turned on, fixing any leaks, a funeral, a scout camp, some homemaking and lots of sunshine and a snowstorm in between.

Ryan worked really hard in the yard and got it ready to get our wall finished and to put some gravel down by the driveway. We hope to put cement one day but for now gravel should help with the mud and weeds. I spent some time weeding my flower/herb bed and Matt got the sprinklers turned on and any broken pipes fixed. There wasn't too much to fix mainly just a dripper to one of our apple trees that Ryan had stepped on and broke when he was tilling the garden.

I was able to preserve some lemons this weekend! I follow a recipe from the Lacto-Fermenting course that is part of Traditional Cooking School. It was super easy and I'm excited to see how they turn out. They need to set for about a month then they will be ready to use. The cool thing is that they keep this way for a really long time. A great way to use up the abundance of lemons that I had!

My cousin Mike passed away last week after a very long fight with Huntington's Disease. It was a beautiful service.

 It was so nice to see and visit with so many loved ones. This is me with my Sisters, my dear cousin and he beautiful daughters.

Me with my Sisters and more cousins! I only wish I had been able to stay longer and catch up a bit more with the many wonderful people I just don't see often enough.

My Weekly Meal Plan

Lentil Soup


Hawaiian Haystacks 

Nachos Supreme My Way

Artichoke Tomato Alfredo


Mongolian BBQ

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