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My Weekly Meal Plan

Meal Plans Made Easy

This past week I knew we would be traveling come the weekend so I prepared. I made a big batch of High Protein Granola and some Chewy No-Bake Granola Bars that we could take with us.

Ryan took the boys Friday up North with him to help clean up the Northern Branch. I took the girls and went South to my Aunt Renee's funeral. The funeral was perfectly wonderful and Aunt Renee will be greatly missed but I know she is not far and that she is no longer in pain. I am grateful for my knowledge of the plan of salvation.

Ginger's Garden Cafe
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The boys had a fun time and I was jealous that they got to go eat at Ginger's Garden Cafe (my most favorite healthy place to eat in Utah County). The girls and I were able to stay with my parents so of course Mom made sure we had good food to eat. Mom's are always so good that way!

We were also sure to pack whatever we had in the fridge like apples and oranges and a few leftovers. After all these years of practicing eating healthy while On The Go we find it's really quite easy to stick with eating healthy even while traveling.

This week I'm feeling a  little behind because of the busy weekend. We are also getting low on food in the fridge because it's been over 2 weeks since I have been grocery shopping. So I will try to meal plan with what I've got. I may need to get a little creative and I will probably need to make a shopping list and at pick up at least a few things.

Orange Veggie Stir Fry

My Weekly Meal Plan

Barley Soup with Irish Soda Bread (I'm going to search recipes and try to find or come up with a heathified version.....I have never made this before or even tried it so it should be fun)


Orange Veggie Stir Fry

Flatbread Falafel Sandwich

Veggie Pot Pie


Baked Potato Bar

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