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My Weekly Meal Plan

Simply Scheduled Meal Plans
Wow what a week! I'm feeling pretty bummed that I didn't take one single picture all week.....so I'm going to be sure to write a little about it for memory sake. It was crazy busy but a totally fun week. And the weather although on the fairly hot side has been pretty near perfect for me.

Sorry I was too busy to even get another post in last week but I've got a fun new recipe that I came up with recently that I'm sharing as a guest post but more on that later.

Last Monday we celebrated another birthday this time it was Ryan's Mom's birthday. Even though some of Ryan's family live right here close by we don't seem to spend a lot of just fun down time together.....so it was nice to just visit and watch the kids play.

Wednesday some of our very best friends came for a visit. We had not seen them for over 6 months and it was so good to see them and spend some time. Some of our kids spent the weekend near Zions at a youth conference called YFF and those who didn't go stayed here.

All in all it was a great week and I'm determined to not let 6 months go by before we see our friends again.

Alright now I'm excited to share a fun idea that I have come up with about our Summer time meal plans! I have been noticing a bit of a lag when it comes to dinner ideas and I want to come up with more truly simple and tasty main dishes to share here.

So this is the plan......for the Summer I don't want to run my oven any more than needed. So I want to have plenty of stove top, crock pot, grill or no-cook ideas. This is what I have come up with as I'm menu planning each week.

Monday will be Stir Fry night - I want to have more of a variety of stir fry type dishes including more curry's etc. It's so easy to put rice in the rice cooker and stir fry a few things on the stove top that cookes up super quick and doesn't heat things up much.

Tuesday will be Taco Tuesday - I know a lot of people like to do Taco Tuesday. Again for us tacos don't use the oven just the stove top and/or crock pot. I want to come up with a variety of tacos, wraps, nachos or other similar type things. I'm not going to limit myself to just tacos but something kind of along those lines.

Wednesday will be Salads - I keep telling myself I want to have more then just the boring same old salad so I decided to have a entire meal based on a new salad I want to try. I also want to make it huge enough to have along with the other meals throughout the week or at least extra stuff to throw more together. We will see how it goes.

Thursday we will have Sandwiches - We really like our current sandwich and burger options, I just would like to have more. I think it's time to add some new ones along with also fixing some of the favorites.

Friday is Garden or Grill - Missy and I are excited to find or create some fun dishes that use up extra garden produce when that season hits and/or more outdoor cooking and grill type recipes.

Saturday we will still be eating the leftovers!

Sunday we will try to focus on using the crock pot - Old favorites and hopefully lots of new favorites will be found too. We love our crock pot around here and next to the Blendtec it is one of our most used small kitchen appliances.

Now for this weeks plan!

Tacos on the Menu Plan

My Weekly Meal Plan

Stir Fry


Warm Balsamic Kale Salad

Creamy Cauliflower Sandwiches



Baked Potato Bar - I'm going to "bake" my potatoes in the crock pot.

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