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My Weekly Meal Plan

Last week was great much needed rain and snow and everything has greened right up. I have some pictures and other fun memories from the weekend....that I will post here tomorrow. I just wanted to be sure to get the meal plan up today!

My Weekly Meal Plan

Roasted Veggie Bowls


Sweet and Spicy Cabbage

Baked Potato Bar

Quinoa, Potatoes and Steamed Veggies


Mushroom Stroganoff


R. B said...

Hi Tammie,

Does your website encompass a 'mucousless diet' as described by Dr. Christopher? I am trying to get rid of some fybroids or cysts that I believe ares causing my miscarriages that I haven't before experienced. I want to follow a meal plan like yours so that it is easy and no stress, but I am also pregnant so have special high protein needs, and I think that includes no meat to be mucousless? Do you have any suggestions with the aspect that I am pregnant and need lots of protein, nutrients and oxygen inducing food and herbs as the fybroids are robbing my supplies, to add to your meal plans? Emily Balling

Tammie said...

Hey there Emily! For the most part it does....although I don't think he considered whole wheat flour part of the mucusless diet. So flours should be soaked and/or sprouted. And yes meat can be very mucus forming but you are right that protein is very important. I like adding Pea Protein/Brown Rice Protein powder blends to my smoothies when I need more protein.

I also am not afraid to have some free range eggs if I feel I need an extra boost. Raw goat milk Kefir is also great. (although again probably not what Dr. Christopher would consider mucusless) But I think you should listen to your body and maybe some animal products used very sparingly may be what you need.(maybe even some free range meats) Although I have done it without but I remember just craving some fish...I have never even like fish. ;) If I had it to do again I would for sure get me some Wild Alaskan Salmon without giving it a second thought! Sometimes it's a tricky balance and some people metabolize protein from plant foods more readily but some may need an extra boost now and again. That's why it is so important to go by how you feel.

Many many blessings to you!

Tammie said...

Oh hey here is a good sum up right from his site. Hope that helps! http://www.herballegacy.com/Mucusless_Diet.html

Emily said...

Thank you Tammie! I haven't heard of pea or brown rice powder, so I will keep those in mind. I like your counsel about really listening to your body. Sadly, I did mis carry again, so now I can focus on getting strong and healthy. For sure our family needs to focus on some changes, we just have to move pretty slow. Namely some of changes we need to make are things you mention there, using healthy animal proteins and then we'll move to moderation and right seasons. I am trying to move to goat milk, fresh, I am wondering if all those hormones are taking their effect on me. I am not sure I have fibroids. But I do want to use your meal plans a few times a week to cut out a good portion of the hormone products we use. Finally we live somewhere where getting healthy animal proteins shouldnt be too much time or expense. I am still not sure if it is worth it to sprout grains you then grind and cook. Any thoughts? Soaking however does make sense and I try to do that. Thanks for your sweet well wishes. I hope to get healthy and pregnant soon as I can. I will have to keep praying, maybe I did have small fibroids that didnt show up in an ultrasound. Anyway, thanks for the link.

Unknown said...


Hi, wanted to update you that we made GREAT progress in eating very very low meat, so that we are striving to eat meat in times of cold or famine. This was hard for my husband and boy. We decided we'll start eating meat again more frequently at conference since that is when vegetables aren't growing. Three cheers for progress!!!