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Tummy Troubles?

There are two things that I use first when my kids have tummy trouble.  The first one is Kid-e-Col, if there is throwing up, diarrhea, bloating or just general tummy upset, this stuff works great!  I always used it for colic and teething with my babies and loved it for that.  But as I was learning about the herbs Catnip and Fennel and how good they are for most upset stomach problems I thought that since these were the ingredients in Kid-e-Col that I should give it a try.  I found not only did it work excellent with the children but Ryan and I also found it work great for us too.  I now always have some on hand.

My other favorite is Di-gest essential oil blend.  This stuff is awesome! We have found not only does just smelling it help with a tummy ache, but rubbed on the stomach helps with indigestion, heart burn, bloating,  and most any upset stomach trouble you can think of... even over eating.  These are my favorite most used remedies for stomach upset, sometimes I use just one or the other sometimes both.  They are both excellent!

Here is a list of other good tummy trouble remedies that we have used before and found to work well.
  • Red Raspberry Leaf and Peppermint tea:  Great for nausea and also adding good fluids back when someone has been throwing up.
  • Fennel:   Just chew on some Fennel seed....great for gas, bloating and general tummy upset and it tastes like licorice. MmmmmMmmm
  • Lobelia:  A tincture of this is good to have around in case someone starts to throw up violently and can't stop.  This helps to calm that so they can keep fluids down and not get dehydrated.
  • Ginger:  Also good for nausea and excellent for motion sickness.  Candied ginger or ginger candy is the best way to get kids to take it.
  • Peppermint Gels:  You can find these at a health food store they are little gel-caps that contain peppermint oil, fennel and other good things for tummy upset.  I like that it takes a while to dissolve so you can get it down to the problem area if you know what I mean. ;)
  • Plenty of liquids and green smoothies:  If there is a lot of throwing up I wait to have them drink anything heavy until that is over with.  So to start just water, raspberry leaf tea and other clear liquids. Coconut water is excellent for this because it's full of electrolytes. (I never use drinks like Pedialyte or Gatorade because they are full of bad ingredients like refined sugar, food coloring and many times Aspartame aka NutraSweet)  Once they are able to keep clear liquids down for a day or two I will give green smoothies with Young Coconut Water in them, I have found all the nutrition in a easy to drink for really helps them bounce back to themselves again quickly.
There you go!  That's just what we have found works for us.  I have loved that you are leaving comments about what works for you!   Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience please continue to share away!  We learn so much for each other!   And don't forget if you would like me to post about a certain condition you can put that in a comment too.  Also please don't forget about the disclaimer at the bottom of my blog.  I'm not licensed or prescribing anything here just sharing what works for us.


Emily said...


How do you candy ginger, or do you buy it?

Is coconut water the liquid from a coconut you buy at the grocery store, the water part from it canned, or can you add coconut oil to water?

And we have fresh mint in our yard, could that work instead of the peppermint gel things?


renee @ FIMBY said...

Tammy, do you recommend, or have any experience with any herbal blends for car sickness related tummy troubles. Our youngest gets a nauseous in the car sometimes.

I understand your disclaimer and am not seeking medical advice from you (smile). Just a mother's recommend.

renee @ FIMBY said...

I see you talk about ginger... I was wondering about a tincture type, easily transported and fast acting etc. option.

Or is candied ginger it, in your experience?

Tammie said...

Renee: I've used capsules and candied but I'm sure you could use a tincture or glycerite too. I also like to have a bottle of peppermint essential oil in the car it seems to help car sickness to smell that too. We have a few of us including me that have always had trouble with motion sickness.

Tammie said...

Emily: I just buy candied ginger but I remember seeing a video online on how to make it so I know it can be pretty easily done. The coconut water I use is straight from a Young Coconut. You can buy coconut water in boxes though at health food stores and I recently saw a case at Costco it would be good too. And in a pinch you could use the water that has separated in the can but I would use that as a last resort.

Fresh mint is a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

That kid e col works wonders!! We had one similar that I use with my kids called bubble b gone, it has the catnip and fennel with chamomile and lemon balm (all herbs come in equal parts) in a glycerine based tincture. It works so good for what you said so I made a pint jar for my family! Mountainroseherbs at youtube has a great video on making alcohol based tinctures and many other things!
Thanks tammie! Please keep the info coming!! Its fun to find more uses for the things we already have! I love the yarrow in the tub for fever for kids!

What do u do for rashes?
~Emily D.

Emily said...

Thanks Tammie.

My friend is struggling with a bad teething bout with her daughter, know of any simple healthy remedies? :)

Tammie said...

Emy and Emily: coconut oil is usually the first thing I try for rashes these days. Kid-E-Col, Kid-E-Calc and diluted clove oil are my faves for teething. I will do a post about both.

Emily said...

Tammie, I am embarrased. I read all these posts on herbs lately and a friend was asking about teething, so I skim read them all again looking for the information, and I see it right at the top of THIS post you mentioned you used Kid-E-Col for teething. Geez. Sorry about that.

Do you have a source you order your raw honey from that is a good source and economical?

Tammie said...

Emily: I get my honey from Azure. I would love to have my own bees one day.....maybe one day. ;)

Anonymous said...


Just a little rant unrelated to your topic: Mt. Rose Herbs' price for coconut oil is now 250 for 5 gal not including shipping. I just cannot afford, on a teacher's salary (we've had a pay freeze the past 3 yrs, plus they upped our insurance every year) to feed that to my family. If I cannot find it cheaper elsewhere, I will have to give up on it and either: almost never use any and keep greasing pans with Crisco, or use my entire check from teaching 18 weeks worth of sewing lessons. Help!!

Anonymous but Annoyed

Tammie said...

Anonymous: I noticed the price raise on the coconut oil. But it's not just Mountain Rose Herbs it's everywhere I keep hoping it will come back down but I'm not sure. I've seen it go up before like that but I'm surprised it hasn't come down yet.

You can get the expeller pressed for quite a bit cheaper it's heated but if you are cooking with it anyway it's still much better than Crisco. I have found with some of those things it's totally worth the extra cost. I mean we spend NOTHING on doctors visits. Hopefully it all evens out. Extra Virgin Olive oil is also quite a bit less expensive coconut oil is quite the luxury. Hope that helps!