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Liquid Sunshine

I have also heard this green drink referred to as Mean Green!  Well our family has decided it's not mean at all.  In fact both Ryan and I have found that since our cleanse we crave it on a regular basis.  I made this batch the other day and Ry said, "I gotta tell ya Tam, I have actually been craving this......"  It was funny he said it in more of the form of a question, like is it possible for me to crave this?  I thought it was funny and just told him that when you give your body what it needs it will ask for more of it!  Would you like to know what Charly is doing in the background of the picture above?........

......I guess she was craving it too! ;)

Liquid Sunshine Green Drink
1 cucumber
4 stalks celery
2-3 apples
6-8 Kale leaves (start with less if you are not used to GREEN)
1/2 of a lemon
1 Tablespoon fresh ginger

Wash and cut everything and run through a juicer.  For most available nutrients drink right away.  I like mine in a glass with ice!  Charly likes hers straight from the juicer! ;)


Anonymous said...

Tammy, this is very good! Thnkyou for posting :) I check your site often, great encouragement! Have you ever fallen off the 'healthy' bandwagon and returned to old habits? I have been and I am having a hard time staying committed! I used to eat a 75% raw diet and drank a qt. of green juice a day. Now I'm struggling. I know as moms we get interrupted but I never used to get tempted before. If I stay raw my digestion problems get better. Any advice? Also how much juice a day do you drink? Thanks much! Pam I also do a qt. of green smoothie every morn. That much I have kept doing :)

Tammie said...

Anonymous: With using my ingredient list I find it's not like I'm on a diet it's just our way of life and although there are time when we eat more good and better instead of the best I really don't "fall off" I simply don't feel deprived. Again there are many times when we don't eat as much raw as I would like but it doesn't take long before my body is telling me to please give it more raw. Of course none of us are perfect it's about doing our best and not beating ourselves up when we are far from ideal.

The best advice I can give is follow my ingredient list and try to eat the better and best things the majority of the time and don't worry about the rest!

I usually just do a quart of green smoothie 4-6 days a week. The green drinks are recent for us and we did them on our cleanse but we found we liked them a lot so I make one maybe once or twice a week and only drink about 8-12 ounces. I still think the fiber is very important so we do more smoothies. But we do crave and love the instant nutrition of the juice.