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My Weekly Meal Plan

Meal Planning
It appears that my weekly meal plan is also turning into a sort of update and/or mini journal both with things about the blog and my life. It's maybe a funny spot to put it....but since I know I will be menu planning every week it at least keeps me more consistent in keeping some sort of record. I'm sure most of the time it will kind of seem all over the place....sorry about that......Welcome to my mind! ;)

So let's see the Summer Squash Patties turned out great using sweet potato.....we will for sure do that again it kind of takes that yummy summer recipe and makes it great for winter too.

Also that same week we were trying to come up with a really good curry recipe using sweet potatoes and chickpeas.......remember? I had two recipes I was going to pull ideas from. Well it was Missy's night to cook so I showed her the recipes and told her to figure something good out. (This is where all the years of work in letting my kids "help out" lots in the kitchen pays off big time!)

She went right to work and man oh man was it ever good. I had her write down what she did and we will give it a few more tries to be sure we have the recipe amounts just right and some good pictures then I will post the recipe!

I added google+ to my social media sites.......check my sidebar----------->
(the tomato and there is a badge with my family picture too) If you use google+ I'd love to connect up with you there! Click here to get to my new Simple. Healthy. Tasty. google+ page.

I am about done reading through the time management books I was telling you about last week.....they are helping me to stay inspired and motivated both in purging my home and in goal setting. I'm determined this year to bust out of this survival mode that I have pretty much been in since we moved and make it a year of learning to really thrive during this season of my life!


I finished my purging goals last week and I'm excited to move on. This week my plan is to conquer my bedroom, my bathroom and my closet. I used to really struggle when it came to getting rid of clothes. But once I realized there are only certain things I like to wear and that comfort is my top priority....It's lots easier to get rid of clothes I know are really just clutter and not something I wear or love. The No Brainer Wardrobe among a few other things really helped me to see that! Now it's books that I really struggle with purging.......but I'll get to that later.

I have also been working on making goals for the year.....I want to be much more intentional but so often I find myself with huge ideals and expectations that I get overwhelmed and give up on my goals before I even get started. So I have decided that I must get much more REAL with myself!

I never thought of myself as a perfectionist but that was only because I wasn't one in the way I defined it. But again I'll get to more of that later and maybe even share some of my goals for this year. In the meantime I hope you have a great week!

Home made Chili Cheese Fries
My Weekly Meal Plan


Chili Cheese Fries

Very Veggie Sandwiches

Stir Fry with Quinoa

Pineapple Mango Fried Rice


Lentil Soup

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