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My Weekly Meal Plan

Just a quick reminder that Coffee Table Conversations start next week! If you aren't signed up you still can! I'm looking forward to "going" I hope you are too.

Now on to this weeks meal plan!

So this week my fridge is looking pretty bare and I need to do quite a bit of shopping but I may put off the big shop until Friday and just pickup a couple things like onion and celery to get by for the week.

I have red potatoes, sweet potatoes and carrots that need using. There are frozen peas and a bunch of chickpeas that I cooked up in the crock pot this past weekend. I also plan to cook up some pinto beans later on in the week.

It's amazing how long you can go without a lot of grocery shopping when you have food storage with a well stocked pantry and freezer. There is a head of lettuce and plenty of oranges and grapefruit.....I can totally make it one more week.

You will see how this weeks plan uses up what is needing to be used along with food storage items that we always have on hand. While only needing a couple of pickup items that somehow ran out (I usually never run out of celery or onions!)

My Weekly Meal Plan

Veggie Pot Pie

Split Pea Soup

Sweet Potato and Chick Pea Curry (still working on a recipe for this....I'm going to use both this recipe and this recipe to work from we'll see how it turns out)

Summer Squash Patties (Since I don't have Summer Squash I'm going to try Sweet Potato in it's place and maybe tweak the recipe in other ways too. I'll let you know how it turns out.)

Tacos (pictured above)


Roasted Veggies

The Healthy Breakfast Book by Kitchen Stewardship

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Queen Mommy said...

I love that you post your meal plans. I've been so uninspired in this arena for awhile now, but now I'm inspired to make pot pie tonight! Thank you!