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My Weekly Meal Plan

This past week was another simple and fun summer week! Plenty of work in the yard and garden. There has been Kale to add to green smoothies, we have been picking peas, tomatoes and peppers are starting to set and the squash is blossoming.

My Sister and her kids came for a quick visit! Cousins had lots of fun playing and my Em and I had lots of fun chatting......Sisters are the best aren't they I sure love it when I get to spend some time with my Sisters!

Yesterday we decided it was time for a little dutch oven cooking. I love it when we cook outside! We get a nice home cooked meal without turning on the stove or oven.

We changed up the menu for the day and made our veggie lasagna in the dutch oven and we tried some no knead sourdough bread. Ryan has been wanting to get good at making bread in the dutch oven.....I'd say this was is best one yet. Don't worry we will share recipes once they are perfect!

An all around fun lovely week and with the holiday this week I think this week will be just as good. I have kept the 4th of July in mind too while planning this weeks menu so it may not follow our summer plan exactly. ;)

My Weekly Meal Plan

Sweet and Spicy Cabbage

Veggie Burger (wanting to try a new one maybe one of these will work or at least spark some ideas)

Chickpea Salad Filling over a big green salad


Nachos, 4th of July Muffins


Crockpot Quinoa Chili

Look what's on sale this week......I love my Excalibur!

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