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My Weekly Meal Plan

Lately our family has been working on being more intentional with our time. We have been working on having a good productive morning routine and then trying to not let too much time go by in front of a screen and actually putting effort into spending more time face to face with people.

That's hard for a family of mostly introverts but we are working at it. We actually love spending time with people just not all at once. ;) We have some sweet widows in our neighborhood that we have enjoyed spending time with and getting to know better.

One in particular we have spent quite a bit of time with the past few weeks. She has been teaching us some things and showing us how to make some yarn God's Eyes. She has such a history and we love hearing all her stories and experiences. It has been a pleasure spending time getting to know the people that live near us!

I wish I could sit down on a one-on-one basis with each of you!

My Weekly Meal Plan

No-Fuss Potato Soup

Sweet Potato and Mango Tacos

Mac and Cheese Better Than I Remember

Quinoa Burgers

Taco Sundays


Taco Soup

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