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My Weekly Meal Plan

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My goodness last week went by really fast I can't believe it's Monday again already! I'm not ever sure what we did this week.  I think we read a lot.....Ryan finally took a sick day....cause yeah he was actually sick but in just over 24 hours he was up and running again and busy as ever.

We had another storm that brought lots of really wet snow and the kids tried again to build an igloo. They said it was great packing and put it in the backyard (on the north side) so it would last longer than a day. They almost made it to the top when it started to cave in on them.

They tried to fix it by have Charly hold it up with her back but it just didn't stay. The little ones gave up after being out there for hours and starting to soak through. Their older brother followed not too long after them.

My Sister gave us some lovely cabbage from her garden and Ryan made sauerkraut this weekend it's fermenting nicely on my counter right now.....we tried a new method with the perfect pickler you can see a picture of them on my instagram. Our last few batches of kraut have not turned out so good so we hope this method will work better for us. So far they are looking really good and nice and bubbly which they say is a good sign. ;)

This week it looks like lovely sunshiny Spring time weather. We have already enjoyed some fresh air and sunshine today and are looking forward to a week of outdoor time. We were starting to get a bit of cabin fever.

My Weekly Meal Plan

Quinoa Chili

Taco Sundays

Curried Cauliflower with Sweet Potato and Black Beans

Quesadillas with Quinoa Salad

Chickpea Salad Sandwiches


Baked Potato Bar

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